Top 5 reasons to pre-order Battlefield 1

MWEB GameZone writes: "The EA Play conference has made us want Battlefield 1 more than ever. Here are five reasons why it has become a must buy title "

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Sillicur1571d ago

Can't wait for this, defs gonna pre-order as well!

SonZeRo1571d ago

Looks good, but i'm not so sure yet. Will wait till it launches.

InTheZoneAC1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

my reasons why I won't:

-ww1(old eras were played out with every early medal of honor and call of duty game and many other games, including some battlefield games)
-weak vehicles(obviously to be expected based on this setting)
-weak weapon variety(see previous comment)

I don't need jetpacks or exo-suits and I don't care for Call of Duty's twitch auto-aimbot/assist mechanics with it's cheap p2p matchmaking that makes every game so unpredictable when it comes to lag and when I should or should not be the one dying based on any given situation.

I enjoy hardcore mode in BF4 very much, but I wish they would continue in that direction. I get that lots of people want old WW shooter, yo! it just doesn't suit me at all. I would be disappointed, but at the same time completely fine if they just offered this as an expansion like they did with Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Vietnam.

I just don't understand the hype though with this game. This will be the first BF I don't buy on consoles dating back to when they first came out. But obviously this is my opinion and obviously people will disagree and I'd like to hear why people are so hyped up about it, other than having dynamic weather which seems very cool.

PizzaSteve1570d ago

I gave you agree because you gave a good explanation on why you skipping this game. At 1st I was the same way. I wanted a modern BF game but after seeing how great BF1 looks, I'm excited to play it in the WW1 era. I'm gonna still play BF4 too when I want to switch up.

InTheZoneAC1570d ago

I really do enjoy the dynamic terrain changes as well, like the nonscripted destruction of the blimp and how it impacts anywhere it lands. Unlike the scripted destruction in BF4, but that was a stepping stone for this.

Deadpooled1570d ago

I'm preordering (waiting for a great price atm) and then waiting for the insider beta to see if I should keep the preorder for launch

evergrace1570d ago

The gameplay is amazing and fresh, but no pre order for me. I am not ready for netcode issues again, i am not risking it.

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