Xbox 360 to sell more FFXIII's than PS3?

With Final Fantasy XIII's development now in full flow, Square Enix must be eagerly licking their lips in anticipation of more combined sales with Final Fantasy XIII turning multiplatform.

Multiplatform games are nothing new, but since the rise of Microsoft's Xbox 360, the frequency of bigger games making the switch from Sony's Playstation 3 have increased.

However will Xbox 360 sales once again be superior to the PS3's?
This artcle weighs up all the evidence to find out an answer to whether the "Xbox 360 will sell more FFXIII's than PS3?"

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Bombibomb3725d ago

The PS3 version will be released everywhere, not just in the US. Epic fail.

deanobi3725d ago

As far as i know the PS3 only outnumbers the Xbox in Japan...
Sales in the Xbox "controlled" countries should prevail due to the huge divide in sales...

Hentai3725d ago

"Owners are pledging their loyalty to PS3 by refusing purchase of Final Fantasy XIII."

Wow, what a moron. Did the writer of the blog just turn 17?

predator3725d ago

US and Europe so that makes you're comment EPIC FAIL

kazuma3725d ago

the only xbox "controlled" country is america. japan and europe are nintendo and sony's turf.

AAACE53725d ago

Just with the title of this article alone... I'm surprised this doesn't have over 100 comments yet!

I guess it will in about an hour...

Eddie201013725d ago

Most people see it as a PS3 Game, thats why it will do better on the PS3. the only place the Xbox 360 has a real lead is in th United States. In Europe the PS3 and Xbox 360 are nearly equal. In case you haven't noticed for six of the last seven months the PS3 has been selling better in every region, which by the time the game comes out Microsoft may not have a lead at all.

Idonthatejustcreate3725d ago

An important factor to how the sales will go is that a demo of FFXIII will be released exclusivly on the PS3 and that may force some hardcore Final fantasy fans to purchase an PS3.

While they have purchased the PS3 for the demo why wouldn't they also pick up the game for PS3? It makes no sence to buying a PS3 for the demo and then end up buying a xbox360 and/or the 360 version of FFXIII after.

DarK-SilV3725d ago

ONLY xbots will end up with the flopping version

Overr8ed3725d ago

the ps3 version is most likely going to sale more since, more are being sold in America and PAL regions thoughout 2008 and 2009 (the year that FF 13 is most likely coming to Japan. Not only that but the Ps3 has a larger install base in PAL regions. As well as most people would think that Final Fantasy 13 would be a Ps3 game since the franchise has been in the Sony's brand the most (but xbox 360 commercials would change that Perception) the problem with the xbox get FF 13 is more of a problem of too little too late since more consumers are looking into the ps3 this year and most likely next year as well.
Really FF 13 isnt going to move systems for 360 since most people who are going to buy FF13 know that its going to continue to be in the PS brand. FF 13 going to 360 just makes the current install base have more reason to keep their 360 and not to buy a PS3.

SolidSnake933725d ago

Rofl bubbles for hentai, "I will boycott FFXIII" LOL

CrazzyMan3725d ago

PS3 version:
a) on 1 BD.
b) on reliable hardware.
c) with FREE online(online FFXIII mini-games are possible).
d) with FFXIIIv on PS3 and FFAgito on psp(IF you want to feel FULL experience of FFXIII world - get PS3/psp).
e) with quiet blu-ray drive.
f) on habitual joypad(for FF games).
g) with no compressed textures and sound(i doubt x360 version will be released on 8 dvds).

p.s. direct FFXIII competitor LO STILL hasn`t reached 1 mln. sales WW, though game is exclusive.

3725d ago
zypher3725d ago

there are some pertinent points the author of this article is missing, points i'll offer only as a counter to the claims of the article.

1. jrpg sales are generally weakest in the US.

2. in the markets where jrpg sales (particularly FF sales) are the strongest, the PS3 currently has an equal or higher install base (those being Europe and Japan respectively).

3. FF is a system seller in Japan, more than any other market. 360 isn't getting FFXIII in Japan.

4. FFXIII is at least 1.5 years away, which is plenty of time for the PS3 to close the gap in the US (something it's currently doing, and something it'll probably continue to do as the seventh-generation runs its course).

all in all i would expect a marginal win for 360's FFXIII sales in the US, a slightly more than marginal win for the PS3's FFXIII sales across Europe, and an automatic 100% win for PS3's FFXIII sales in Japan, all culminating in higher worldwide sales of FFXIII for the PS3.

MAiKU3725d ago

Depending on how this game does on a 360 platform, will determine future core series releases of the final fantasy series.

Another thing is that Square-Enix can certainly go the to the limits with the series which would end up with the game not being able to port to the 360 like metal gear solid 4, but i doubt that will happen with a final fantasy game in the near future.

If Square is trying to make money though, i don't think selling a game with a genre that the console doesn't specialize in is a good idea.

Just look at previous titles, and how is that infinite undiscovery doing anyway?

MikeGdaGod3725d ago

well i'm not buying FFXIII at all so that's one less sell for the ps3.

after seeing how Square treats their customers by making them wait even longer to get the game, they can kiss my @ss. i'm not a big FF fan anyway. i just wanted to see what the hype was about so i'll just rent it.

sumfood4u3725d ago

Don't you have anything better to do than just start Flamming on a Great RPG game? Shessh be happy its becomming multiplatform who cares what system seller more that don't mean its better! This is the same Crap that they spoke of when GTA hit when is enuff enuff? Just play the game an put a little Joy in your Life, its ovious you need it make up for the Amount of Attitude your Brain gives you!

Iraq Resistance ROM3725d ago

360 loses

ps3 FF13 sales 3x more than 360 FF13 sales

season0073725d ago

Once a game turned multiplat, it loses its impact on the competition...

My prediction is...
1.) Not care which version will be sold more in NA/Europe, but obviously it won't move much console sale in either territories..
2.) Since it is exclusive in Japan, it can sell LOADS of copies and LOADS of PS3 in Japan.
3.) When world sales are compared, the sales of PS3 version will obviously lead by quite an obvious margin...

RemmM3725d ago

We don't know what really will happen when both versions come out. But no offense 360 fans, but this is a win for PS3.

DaTruth3725d ago

This is probably some American guy, talking about American sales, and thinking America is the only place in the world that matters.

Alvadr3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

The game will sell huge in Japan and will shift some serious PS3s. As for the rest of the world I think 360 and PS3 sales will be about even. By the time this gets released sales of both systems should be on about a par.

Il be getting PS3 version no doubt about it.

Saigon3725d ago

The other difference, will be that this game will be designed specificly for the PS3 first...and then ported to the 360...

KBDuB3725d ago

Actually, I don't know if you remember or not but a lot of the PS3 fanboys said that they wouldn't buy it because of the switch. Then, instead said that they would buy Versus, and that is the one they were always more exited about.

@Bombibomb - And, I believe that FF will be released in US and Europe for the 360. Not positive, though.

It COULD happen. The 360 COULD sale more FFXIII's but, I highly doubt it..

TheMART3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

To all above. It happened to GTAIV

It outsold the PS3 version 2:1 in USA. It outsold the PS3 version overhere in EUrope.

Japan must make up a lot for the PS3, because with FFXIII the same will happen as GTAIV. What makes you think that FFXIII will be different from GTAIV in sales?

Plus, in Japan another 30% pricedrop on the 360. I bet it gets a lot easier for the people to be convinced they can play FFXIII and not have to fork out so much for a PS3.

rakgi3725d ago

I dont see how that a price drop in Japan would make any difference seeing as Final Fantasy XIII will not be released there on 360 so your last little argument makes no sense

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Lou-Cipher3725d ago

This guy is out of his fukin mind!

HipHopGamerShowFan3725d ago

Im sry, I cannot see FF fans gettng FF13 on the 360. I just dont see it.

Sez 3725d ago

well i will be buying this for the 360. on day one. can't wait

morganfell3725d ago

Everyone is well aware that the tide of FF fans are Playstation brand fans. For the fence sitters that are FF fans there is the demo coming on Bluray. What also remains to be seen is how much FG will have to be sliced and diced for the 360. Despite SE's earlier claims they were just that, claims. The situation with Id is a wakeup call for the limited and non HDD 360.

When the rubber meets the road the 360 version will wind up as a low res multi disc mess and only the poorest of FF fans that were idiotic enough to rely solely on a 360 will be getting that version.

waltercross3725d ago

Also I Believe that FF13 Will be a lengthy
game, The 360 still has a chance of getting the RROD,
so I Think people with both consoles are more likely
to get it for the PS3.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3725d ago

...People need Brains to play FF games???
So(Ooooops!!!)how the Hell will xBot Lemmings play it then??? ;-D
(Oh Dear...'Mr.xBox M$ Lover Mod' will take away a Bubble for that comment!!!) ;-D

+Think they should change the xBox 360 version...
i.e Just use 1 Button to Fire and the xBot Lemmings could just press Fire and shout out N00B THIS, N00B THAT etc etc over xBox Live!!! ;-D

HipHopGamerShowFan3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

So vega75, your gonna be playing it with multiple discs, your gonna have a 360 display case next to your ps/ps2 ff cases, and your gonna feel weird using the awkward 360 controller.


theKiller3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

we all should believe what the bots says about our exclusives and ex exclusives sales!!

well FF13 sales on ps3 will sell 4 times more than 360, because all the fans of the series grown up with it on playstation, besides who wants to play the game and for every 20 hours he has to take it to the repairing service??

i mean come on!! the 360 is dying everywhere world wide!!! why would any body choose it instead of ps3?? am sure sony have some kind of bundle deal for FF13!!

any way who ever wrote this article, his intentions r one or more of the following

1: to see the ps3 fans response if they still will buy it after the desertion

2: to see how many people will say to buy it on each console and make an estimate on sales later on both ps3/360

3: to make traffic in his site

4: to fuel the fanboys war!

but any way 360 = already FAILED
sales of the game will be mostly on ps3 because it was built on it first and it has blue ray and more power in ps3 than 360!!
360 version is the dumped down version

Pain3725d ago

good one. is Ballmer saying this?

dukadork3725d ago

We've always thought our loyal customers don't mind swapping discs.
It's part of the unique 360 experience: the heat, the noise, the coffins and the disc swapping.

And always remember, it's a really good deal: when the discs are scratched, you can still play Final Frisbie as a bonus!

you're welcome.

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Chris Hansen3725d ago

The first day sales in Japan alone will outsell the lifetime sales of the 360 version worldwide.

deanobi3725d ago

The facts are:
19 million Xbox 360s worldwide.

14.41 million PS3's Worldwide (2,009,492 PS3's in Japan)

The PS3 still has to make up a 5million gap... With only 2million in japan thats pretty much impossible..

Chris Hansen3725d ago

Your logic is beyond flawed. Out of the 3 main regions, Japan has always been the lowest install base, yet it ALWAYS sells the most Final Fantasies. Look at Final Fantasy 7,8,9,10,12.

When FF12 was released there was only about 40 million PS2's in US, 40 million in Europe, and 20 Million in Japan. By your logic, the US and Europe versions of FF12 should have way outsold the Japanese version, but that was not the case.

Hentai3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

The fact IS--33.41 million people won't buy the game. Final fantasy XII sold over 2.4 million alone in Japan. Usa/europe sold roughly around 2 million combine.

Ps3 version will outsell the 360 version world wide. 360 version will slightly sale more in the usa.

deanobi3725d ago

basically im just looking at the tangible evidence i have. (consoles)

without a massive questionnaire i wouldnt know about whats going on in a japanese gamers head. that evidence in retrospect with FF13 is intangible/debatable.

Just an opinion, but you have proved me wrong in part...

Chris Hansen3725d ago

I just noticed your name...

Why don't you take seat

Hentai3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Your article is simply poop. I'll approved your article so it will hit the main site and everyone else can laugh at your poopy article.

[email protected] Hansen.

Bubbles for chris hanse for making me laugh.

3725d ago
SuperM3725d ago

Not to mention that by the time Final Fantasy is Finally (get it?) released the ps3 install base are likely to be as good or better then the 360 install base. And then you have all the final fantasy fans who have already bought a ps3 because they knew the game would come on ps3. Not to mention all the people that realize they have to get ps3 for final fantasy versus. Then add in the fact that ps3 will have the superior version of the game and the answer is pretty simple. Final Fantasy 13 will sell more on PS3 in every single territory including US and will have way higher worldwide sales on ps3.

Lets assume final fantasy sells as much or more in japan then the rest of the world combined. If the game also sells more in the other regions that will mean that the PS3 version of the game will sell atleast 80% of the games against 20% on the 360. I think the sales will look more or less like that and i dont think Square Enix will have that much profit from releasing the game on 360 aswell since it will increase the production cost of the game.

gambare3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

ok I gonna proof you're wrong

Tales of vesperia sold all the Xbox on Japan because there was no PS3 version, but this is Final Fantasy, AND IT WILL SELL CONSOLES LIKE CRAZY.

you are saying "(2,009,492 PS3's in Japan) " but THE PEOPLE THERE WILL BUY A PS3 FOR THE GAME.

I hope that help you

edit: geez! your article is horrible, you are saying that it's a fact that FFXIII will be released in Japan for the 360 too, get your facts straight please

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Fishy Fingers3725d ago

If ever an article was written to generate heat/hits this would be it. Personally, I dont care either way, but arguing about speculation is pointless.

VsAssassin3725d ago

And the same setup can be said now. FFX was released at least a good 2 years after the PS2 was launched. So in Japan, where FFXIII is PS3 exclusive, will definitely sell more.

deanobi3725d ago

Dont get me wrong the PS3 will sell more in Japan. (Xbox 360 Japanese version hasnt even been announced, but if it is PS3 will still win)

Worldwide it could be a different story. The Xbox 360 basically has a 5million gap to play with..

Sony Rep3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

By your logic, every multiplatform game released has the PS3 outsold by 5 million units. LOL!

By the time FFXIII comes out, these little debates over install base will be minuscule, as will the gap between the two systems.

Now what?? Which sells better now?? The superior version?????

Daishi3725d ago

Sony Rep I have two questions for you: 1) When's the last time a multi platform game sold more on PS3 than 360 and 2) When's the last time a FF game was multi platform?

JD_Shadow3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Final Fantasy 7 & 8 were both released on the PC via Eidos, if you remember that. And FFXI was has been available on the PC since they launch that game.

So, basically, there HAVE been FF multiplat games before.

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