Eurogamer Review: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (5/10)

Eurogamer writes: "After the occasionally inspirational chaos of the chart-topping Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, the least anyone would reasonably expect is a more polished and entertaining sequel. Bafflingly, three and a half years on, Mercenaries 2 comes up short. Just like the original, it desperately struggles to get going, and the first few pre-sandbox missions are the worst possible introduction to what the game has to offer. But it's not just that, because - as we discovered at the preview stage - the game is irreparably hamstrung on a fundamental level."

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MK_Red3703d ago

Something tells me they didn't like the game. I know it's pretty buggy but is it really 5/10!?
They gave Alone in the Dark a higher score!

pansenbaer3703d ago

From what I've played, its not that bad. I feel its right on par with the other reviews. (8ish) There are quite a few bugs, but they can easily overlooked with a huge explosion.

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