TheStar: Madden NFL 09 Review

TheStar Writes:

"So it follows that Madden NFL 09 is all that, the new iteration of exclusively-licensed football as slick, as deep and fastidious as you could want, and as visually polished as you'd expect (you'd expect a lot considering the PS3's graphical muscle, and the game certainly delivers). But it's not perfect, which is fair enough, because there's always next year's version to tout as "improved" (already underway at EA's studios, no doubt)."

"09 adds a "Madden Test" where your skills are measured and scored as your "Madden IQ." Apparently, this allows the game's difficulty to be automatically adjusted to the user's skill level, but really just seems to mean diehard Maddenites will see more inexplicable fumbles, botched passing plays and suspiciously-clairvoyant opponents while those said same computer controlled opponents will give neophytes a lot of slack."

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