Is the PS3 really catching up to the Xbox 360? writes "With PS3 sales overtaking Xbox 360 sales in the last couple of months there have been many articles and reports flying around the internet saying that the PS3 is finally starting to catch up to the 360 and may possibly even overtake it soon.

Interesting concept, except for the fact that it's flawed.

The current sales of the Xbox 360 and PS3 on VGchartz are as follows:"

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FatNaked50YearOldMan3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

This isn't even funny. It's just sad.

Just a quick history of vgchartz:

* The hardcore Xbox fan who started the site use to post fake numbers on neogaf until he was perma-banned from the site

* He went off an started vgchartz so he could fabricate fake and inflated 360 sales numbers without interference from people with access to legitimate sales numbers

* Back when Microsoft flooded the retail channel with an extra 1.5 million or so 360s he was posting the ridiculously fake 10.5 million sold marketing claim by Microsoft as an actual sell thru number

* As the PS3 has continued to sell more and more every month to the point where it was surpassing the 360 even in the US, suddenly vgchartz started to make all sorts of ridiculous claims about how NPD(the main US console retail tracker) was 'innacurate' and their own fake and inflated 360 sales numbers were right

* Since Europe doesn't have a single retail tracking firm for the entire region, vgchartz has been using the lack of public data to pad out 360 sales in all sorts of 'mystery regions' like Others and Others/Others

* Vgchartz has frequently been caught inflating 360 sales numbers so much that they were actually higher than known shipment totals for the console or were sales numbers that would require the 360 to have less consoles sitting on store shelves than the Wii

* Vgchartz flat out fradulently makes the claim that they do retail tracking. Retail tracking is an enormously labor intensive and labor heavy process that game companies pay for legitimate companies like NPD do. The kid who runs vgchartz not only is making the absurd claim that he is able to do what so many game companies have been paying NPD for for years, but that he can do it for the entire world.

Vgchartz is a sad and pathetic site.

It is an outright fraud.

Vgchartz numbers are not 'a little off' or 'estimates' they are fabricated by the little kid who runs the site to desperately try to inflate 360 sales.

Vgchartz is banned from virtually every legitimate gaming forum on the net. It has no place here on this site and needs to be banned permanently.


And in the most damning example of the outright fraud vgchartz is, the historical sales data for the Xbox and has been changed/rigged so the 360 would look like it was handily outpacing the first Xbox in sales. In reality the Xbox and Xbox 360 are selling at an almost identical(withing 5 percent) rate worldwide after the same number of months on the market.

Idonthatejustcreate3752d ago

Damn son you've done your homework! xD

Still do you have any concrete evidence that this is the case?

Bangladesh3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Sony flooded the retail channel the first year the exact same way MS did. 360 outsold the ps3 every month of 2007 everywhere except Japan. Then magically at the end of the year Sony had sold 10 mil ps3's, and supposedly had "outsold" the 360 in 2007. And those are NPD, Chartrac, and Media Create numbers.

Ps3 had only 3 mil in actual sold units in N.A. at the end of 2007. No on this earth can make me believe they sold over 7 mil units everywhere else.

However, I do agree that VGChartz is nothing more than a sh*t spoon site stirring up the console wars for webhits. Kinda like N4G, Gameplayer, ThatGamingSite, HipHopGamer, and every amateur gaming blog on the internet.

mikeslemonade3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

VGchartz has some pretty flawed updates but there total sales aren't far out from what Sony and Microsoft say. And yes the PS3 is catching up. The 360 sold 8-9 million first year and PS3 has slashed that down to 5 million in less than 2 years which means it has only been one real holiday season(the launch don't count). Also this is the first year where PS3 outsells 360 on a weekly basis in all territorries. In 2007 the 360 was doing the outselling. So yes the PS3 is catching up at an exponential rate. First it was getting outsold and now it's outselling so that gap is going to keep getting bigger. Some people like this idiot who wrote the article just aren't patient enough to see it. Honestly this generation is going to last more than 6 years so why don't you just wait another year and see that PS3 will outsell 360 by then.

Idonthatejustcreate3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

You see past a vital point in PS3's success.


I live in Sweden and I can honestly say that I haven't seen a xbox360 commercial on tv since gears or war was released. PS3 commercials comes almost with every commercial break and that makes the Ps3 much more appeling to the masses imo.

If the Ps3 and 360 sells are equal in the US the PS3 is still before the 360 in Europe and Asia. Thats why it "magically" goes past the 360.

Skip_Bayless3752d ago

The PS3 did not sell 10 million. It sold around 9 million in 2007 because early 2007 the PS3 still sold well because it just launched and also the $100 price drop in the summer helped the PS3. Also the PS3 was never in short supply so when people wanted the system they were able to buy it.

kittoo3752d ago

You've indeed done some research

Bangladesh3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Hey, there are the numbers for 45% of the market. Spin it like Fox News all you want. I can read.

SuperM3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

You can read, but can you think? Thats whats important

PS3 doesnt sell as good in the US as in the rest of the world. Thats just a fact. Europe is surpassing the US as the biggest market for games, and europeans have more casual gamers that enjoy games like singstar, eyetoy and buzz then in the US. And as you should be aware of, sony is a japaneese company and is naturally doing good in its home country japan. That is the reason why PS3 sold more then 360 in 07 even though it sold less in the US.

360 simply doesnt sell as well outside of the US, so when you see PS3 sell more then 360 in the US you can be sure that it sells alot more then 360 worldwide.

This year in particular PS3 has sold very well, and if sony has the same growth in the holiday season as they have had so far this year then they will most likely be dominating the 360. The holiday season is after all by far the time of year when most consoles are sold. By the start of 2009 PS3 and 360 are likely to be very close. Probably within 2 million units.

The only thing that may save the 360 this holiday is the pricecut. Will it be sufficient? I dont know.

QuizPyro3752d ago

yea vgcharts sad enough

RoidRage3752d ago

Did you notice that it wasn't until after Sony paid those movie studio's to go blu-ray, that they announced that they had sold over 10 million PS3's? I know they didn't have over 10 million in actual sales by the end of '07. The 360 brutalized the PS3 the whole year in '07. But I do think Microsoft had flooded the channel at the end of '06, which ended up hurting their bottom line in '07. I agree though, in actual retail sales, there is no way in hell the PS3 outsold the 360. But shipped, it's possible because after the format war ended Sony flooded the channel.

Bangladesh3752d ago

First, on average there are more consoles sold in N.A. in a month than Europe and Japan combined. Second, my post was in regards to 2007, when the ps3 was still at $500-$600. The ps3 wasn't selling good anywhere last year, even in Japan. We will find out at the end of this year just how well the ps3 is actually doing. I'm betting right now they are sitting at probably 11-12mil in retail sales with 3.5-4 mil in the retail channel.

Good points. I can agree with that.

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The Mikester3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

No the PS3 isn't catching up with the 360 b/c it has already surpassed it. And now the 360 needs to try and catch up with the PS3.

x THE CHEETAH x3752d ago

PS3 has done well to close the gap... and the 360 continues to do well even with the combined PS3/Wii competition... HOWEVER, some have said that the PS3 will get closer in '09... if "closer" means within 3 to 4 million consoles, that still means the PS3 won't equal 360 sales until realistically 2010 (at the earliest) or 2011. That's not a knock on PS3 or the 360,... it just means that both camps have taken risks and will reap the full benefits of their strategies in this generation's life cycle probably in 2011,... which of course is probably around the time that we see the next gen consoles coming on line. In either case, they'll both have enough success to prepare their respective development for an incredible next generation of consoles..... which ULTIMATELY will give us (the gamers) great gaming for years to come... I'm digging it!

robbo9183752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

I am curious what "facts" do you back up your theory that PS3 is only at 11-12 million? Secondly what do you put the X360 at? Oh I am guessing you believe THEY are at 20 million since you are far from the neutral poster you claim to be.

Also, do you live in America? I live here and I can safely say you exhibit the signs of delusion that America is the only place on Earth. What failed logic do you back this statement up with "First, on average there are more consoles sold in N.A. in a month than Europe and Japan combined." Even if we accept VG is flawed (it is), the numbers are rough guidelines and you only posted NPD data in your link which covers N.A., so where are you getting your European and Japanese numbers from? Many Americans are deluded to think they are the only people on this planet. Combining Japan's and Europe's numbers they beat N.A. sales on average for every other console OTHER than X360 (which is PS2, PS3, Wii, DS, and PSP). X360 is the only system that shows the N.A. sales are often better than Europe and Japan combined.

Also your vaunted NPD doesn't cover the entire North America, just the arrogance of America thinking its the only country on the continent, and it doesn't use one of the biggest retail companies (Wal-Mart) I believe (I might be wrong on the Wal-Mart part). Oh and who has NPD said has won 7 of the 8 months of 2008 so far? Thought so.

You claim to be neutral in the fan insanity but your posts show your true colors, just step out and admit it. I am a Sony fan but I don't hide it.

As to the article its lame. The writer claims the gap was always at roughly 5.5 million but during 2007 the gap was up around 7.2-7.5 so it has closed significantly this year already and that babble about outselling by only 10,000 a week? Seriously where did he get that number from? Lame fan boy article evidenced by his statements about his X360 and such at the end.

SuperM3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Its hillarious that you suggest the official numbers are wrong in favour of the ps3. If anything MS could have fixed their numbers by counting new 360's that have been given to people who got RROD as sales thus getting higher sales numbers. Do i believe this is the case? No because i think NPD knows what they are doing, and guess what, i trust them more then you (surprise).

Look i can understand if you are an american living in the illusion that since ps3 only have sold half of 360 in US then it cant possibly do good anywhere else. Just because america might have half the console sales doesnt mean that if a console has sold 5.5 mill it cant sell more then 11 world wide. The console sell at the market it is strongest. Xbox 360 is strongest in the US. Its made by an american company and has many games that appeals to the american gamer. Thats why 360 has sold over half its console in the US.

The PS3 is more popular in europe because europeans generally care more about the casual games such as singstar, eyetoy and buzz as i said earlier. Naturally it will sell better in europe. But you obviously live in some kind of bubble so you think it is impossible that a console can sell better anywhere else then in the US. All i got to say to you is welcome to the modern world, you are going to see alot more of that, as europe is on its way up, and the US is sadly on its way down.

And then we have Japan where ps3 sell a ton more then the 360. You really want to believe that ps3 is doing worse then it is dont you? Fact of the matter is you have a hate on the ps3. Thats why you are saying this. Do you have a reason for hating it? Nope, its just that inner child in you that want to justify your choice of console and just loves to pick on everyone else.

radio0o3752d ago

VGChartz actually has PS3 listed under 1 million consoles than it actually has.

power of Green 3752d ago

PS3 will be left in the dust($200 360), the 360 should be pasted the number of 20mil.

karlostomy3752d ago

All those people who say the ps3 outsold the 360 in 2007 are dead wrong!
Lots of people assert that vgchartz is sometimes unreliable in their predictions (and rightly so), but as far as CORRECTED historical data is concerned they are spot on.

Here, then, is the accurate, historical data:

2007 ps3 7,626,775 sold
2007 360 7,904,002 sold

Result? The 360 outsold the ps3 in 2007.

The facts are there for you all to see.

Voozi3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

"VG Chartz? Really??"

Then why the hell did you even submit this?

Hypocrite much

@ karlostomy

Apparently these "facts" lead to the PS3 outselling the 360 in 2007

7.3 million 360's vs 8.83 million PS3's according to some math/logic done by the author of the article

Also your links don't work so I cant go and compare them to what mine is showing/saying but the #s taken from here are official ones from both Microsoft and Sony

karlostomy3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

nice try dude.

The numbers that sony reported were originally 'shipped'.
then they changed it to 'sold to retailers'

the analysis at SC purports to take 'shipped' figures and subtract 'sold to retailers' or vice versa and do some arithmetic to arrive at a dubious figure.

LOL! got to be desperate to believe that shizzle.

I'll stick to corrected numbers from VGchartz which also take into account the misleading sales (shipped vs sold) numbers that fanboys like you cling to.

Don't let it bother you too much bud. Lighten up!

don't know why links don't work
maybe try copy into your browser....

Voozi3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

You claim shipped, Sony says those #s listed there are sold, who am I going to believe, a guy with 3 bubbles on N4G or a multi billion dollar company? I'm just going with the most logical decision here.

Also VG has no way of correcting #s they get from Europe, only Japan and USA/Canada. That's a fact.

And lighten up? I'm just the messenger =P and providing you information from where people claim the PS3 outsold the 360 from in 2007, if you took me posting what I posted as "offensive" and you suddenly got all "defensive" which I can see you did, then're the one who needs to lighten up ;) maybe that's why you only have 3 bubbles ;D

And I lol @ you calling me a fanboy, guess this ps3 fanboy over here as you claim hasn't been grinding in 55+ hours into ToV on his 360 before the semester starts right? Or playing BF:BC w/ his friends when they come on too im guessing...

Don't jump to conclusions next time, take your own advice, and as I said before, lighten up ;)



Lets take Sony out of this for now, and lets compare Microsoft #s to VG's

7.3 million sold, then why is VG reporting 7.9 million? If those #s are supposed to be "corrected" as you claim? Guess they're not corrected then if Microsoft's official #s come out to 7.3 million for 2007 and VG is reporting 7.9 million? Now who do I believe? Microsoft or VG?

Spin that for me ;)

soxfan20053752d ago

Ease up on Fox News - NBC (the National Barack Channel) has become the worst spin network by far. Wait, weren't we discussing PS3 vs 360?

TheExecutive3752d ago

ok you idiots. After I post this i am done with this thread.

The only numbers you can trust are the ones EACH company releases to their stockholders annually. These numbers CANNOT and are not fabricated, it would/has meant disaster for some companies.

At the beginning of the '07 FISCAL YEAR the Sony Corp. stopped counting the numbers shipped and started counting the numbers sold.

When BOTH companies numbers were released, the PS3 SOLD MORE than the 360 worldwide. Use VGChartz all you want, its a bullsh*t website. Look at the annual fiscal reports or just stfu and gtfo.

End of story.

Millah3752d ago

Wow, this is just one of the worst articles I've ever read, his points are so incredibly flawed and ignorant at the same time. Saying that parents are the only ones buying these systems, so thats what will decide the fate of the console wars? Really? Is the writer really that stupid? And VG Chartz?? Really? I won't argue the fact that 200 dollars for a 360 is a great move, but the points he made and the way he said it is just completely laughable.

Lol seriously people truly amaze me with their ignorance and fanboyism.

TapiocaMilkTea3752d ago

I thought software sales are what matters to the companies. Clearly parents who want to get the cheapest console for their kids would not spend much on games, and might even buy used games. I think PS3 brings in more money than Xbox or Wii since PS3 buyers are those that can afford quality games or bluray movies. But of course the PS3 is a bigger investment for Sony. As for the Wii, it doesn't have to care about software sales since they make money already from selling Wii hardwares. For Xbox, I don't know, it isn't doing good at all outside of US.

karlostomy3751d ago

It seems you took it personally... i didnt want to upset you man, but it seems i did.

Sorry, I am not used to overly sensitive people like you, but anyway... :)

you make some big claims, but don't provide the links to the data that MS and SONY published.

Any monkey can make claims without backing up with data.
IS that what you did? hmmm ... i think so.

Please provide the MS and SONY sales links or STFU and GTFO.

Just for the record, we are talking 2007 - NOT FY 2007.
Hope you understand the difference...

3003751d ago

Colostomy "Any monkey can make claims without backing up with data". You do that a lot yourself Colostomy, just check your post history, You back up your comment here though with VGC, LOL, not reliable, you even said so.

To qoute this article:

Sony’s figures for sales of the PS3 for 2007 show it to stand at 8.83m (note it says sales, not shipped)

Sony's official figures

Microsoft official figures

2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (January 2007). See the part in regard to sales for 2006.

“We have sold through December 31st 10.4 million consoles across 37 countries around the world.”

Now look at the january 2008 speech, regarding the combined 2006 and 2007 sales.

“Now, Xbox on a worldwide basis has had tremendous success, as well, 17.7 million consoles shipped to date.” And did you notice they said “shipped” not sold.

Do you trust Microsofts figures? If so, whats 17.7 - 10.4 leave you with?

Thats correct, 7.3m for 2007. Just as Voozi said. And thats direct from Microsoft themselves.

I’ve replied on voozi’s behalf, but couldn’t resist saying “here are the facts, so you STFU”.

Voozi3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

I've already provided a link that contains official sales data, you're just too ignorant to click and read, not my fault.

Also the #s that I'm relaying off the site are from Calender 07 which as the site says is from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2007.

And I've already proved to you that VG's "corrected" #s as you claim are bogus due to them claiming Microsoft sold 7.9 million 360's when Microsoft's official data says 7.3 million 360's which in the link above that I posted in a previous comment that you failed to click says

It's obvious you're desperate here since you're going around in circles here and now claiming I didn't provide any sources which I did, but it's fine, I understand, that's how the ignorant are who never want to admit they're wrong.

And seems like you're out of bubbles too, was fun while it lasted =P


+bubble to above, didn't see your post when I was making mine

karlostomy3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

And fail to realise
that SOny changed the way they report their figures during 2007.

One week they reported shipped, then reported sold to retailers.

There was inconsistency in their reporting which you guys are selectively ignoring.

I can't help if you have saved some links that support your point of view despite the fact that those links are completely misleading.

But I know what you will do. You will ignore the small details in favour of selective evidence like always.

I am getting used to your inadequate research methods by now.

Realistically, given the circumspect analysis and speculative deductions you have made, VGC has a better solution:

Of course, I predict you will criticise the inaccuracy of VGC while lauding the accuracy of the above misquoted links, right?

Ok. i am used to that from you guys. Whatever makes you feel better about being in third place (and falling further behind)

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Jamie Foxx3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

about as reliable as gametrailers

who remembers the video switch trying to pass off ps3 footage as 360 footage,or not setting ps3 to its optimum settings during comparison videos? some sites make me laugh fanboyism will definately be a word in the dictionary soon

@posted i agree with you mate

PoSTedUP3752d ago

we MIGHT see the sales rocket this holiday season.

~LBP bundle with, a 160gig HD!
~HOME is coming out b4 then.
~SOCOM! is coming out b4 then.
~new 400$ 80gig sku
~best blu-ray player (blu-ray becomes more popular each year)

all these things factor together giving the ps3 a major selling point.

i can only picture it when it is at a mass market price XD.

btw that is the dumbest question i herd all year. (is the ps3 really catching up.....) XD

B-Rein3752d ago

I strongly agree with you two, bubbles for both of you

Idonthatejustcreate3752d ago

Well the fact that the PS3 is selling faster than Sony can produce em says alot about what the future holds for the PS3 =P

But who knows the console war is known for changing in an instant so nothing is certan.

Chris Hansen3752d ago

There still people using VeryGayChartz? And what the hell is

GavinMannion3752d ago

Don't slag the site just because you don't know it..

VGchartz may not be perfect but it's something to measure against at least and the fact is that the PS3 is outselling the 360 but not by a big enough margin to overtake it anytime soon

JoelR3752d ago

actually VGcharts is not something to measure against ... literally thousands of times now it has been shown to be inaccurate if not downright fake in comparison to true numbers from companies like NPD.
Using VGCharts as a source devalues any site or comments which reference them.

GavinMannion3752d ago

But the story still stands if Nick had only used NPD stats to back it up. However since we are not an American website we prefer to look at more worldwide statistics.

NPD + GFK + ChartTrack + hundreds of smaller companies makes it difficult to find a number. However I am yet to see archived VGChartz stats to be far off. Predicted sales are a different beast all together.

Fishy Fingers3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Like all the comments above me express, the article is using VGChartz as their reference. Essentially that makes the article next to pointless.

Don't get your knickers in a twist over estimates.

morganfell3752d ago

The problem is the word 'estimates' carries with it an air of legitimacy whereas lazygamer and vgchartz have none.

RememberThe3573752d ago

Thats it. They guess, time for people to move on. They're as accurate as I am, and thats why I don't have a site about it.

littletad3752d ago

Though I don't really understand all the hate. Is vgchart really that bad?

FreestyleBarnacle3752d ago

Is it me or is this one of the most poorly written articles to be seen here this week? I'd go back further but I know the bar for most of these journalists is really quite low.

littletad3752d ago

The guideline's for submitting official and informative news, or at least from someone within the industry and respected is broken of course. Even if it is just a regular bloggers article it will get posted because it feeds the craving and annoyances for fanboys.