E3 2016 The Walking Dead Season 3 Announcement

"During E3 2016 The Walking Dead Season 3 Demo was shown as gamers filled with glee. Check out the footage of the latest Walking Dead game." - YouTube Gaming Stream

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LuisAlmeida2952d ago

Hell Yeah! Very happy about this.

parentoftheyear2952d ago

Cant wait. Michonne didnt really fulfill my beeds.

2952d ago
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Telltale's The Walking Dead: A Parent's Tale

Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series is the benchmark of episodic video gaming. Episode by episode the stakes were raised, culminating with Game of the Year awards for the first season back in 2012. With the final season imminent, what better time to look at start of the harrowing journey?

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Ranking 15 Telltale Point and Click Adventures

From The Walking Dead to Game of Thrones; which of Telltale's offerings had us clicking for the exit?

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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier - Episode 3 - 5 Review - GamerKnights

GamerKnights has done a full review of the last 3 episodes of the third season of "The Walking Dead - A new frontier".


"Telltale have moved further and further away from the ‘adventure’ part of adventure games over the years, and remain cool with that. Even compared with episodes 1 & 2, there is basically no gameplay. Episode 5 does bring in some more (and more interesting) quick time events that mix things up a little bit, and finally help the game succeed at what feels a little bit more like ‘action. Each episode remains short though, with episode 5 feeling almost like an afterthought – a mixture of filler, closing out (some) of the plot-holes, and rounding out the action. None of them took me anything much more than 90 minutes to complete. Episode 5 is more like an hour. Telltale have certainly put more ‘value’ into some of their games."

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KrisWB2591d ago

I really should play these.