Titanfall 2 Standard and Deluxe Editions Detailed

Along with the multiplayer and singleplayer gameplay reveals, the Standard and Deluxe Editions for Titanfall 2 have been detailed.

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GoldPunch-TR2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Looks fantastic

MagicBeanz2952d ago

So there wont be a big stupid giant box with a big Titan statue inside sitting on store shelves this time?

JBlaze2262952d ago

Awwww I was hoping for a statue, I wasn't able to get the titanfall collectors edition statue.


Titanfall 2 Is Still The Smartest FPS Of The Last Decade

The best shooter campaign since Half-Life 2 still hasn't been topped eight years later.

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Leeroyw66d ago

I agree with this. The time travel mechanics. The sense of scale. The relationship with your mech. The bosses all had personalities. It's a wonderful game.

66d ago
mastershredder66d ago

Yeah it was good, but it only did the time travel bit in one level. Dishonered 2 did the same thing. Now how about a game where it's implemented throughout the gameplay? Singularity says Hello (and deserves so much more recognition).


15 Biggest Unresolved Video Game Cliffhangers We May Never Get Answers To

Cultured Vultures: These 15 unresolved video cliffhangers could be solved in the future, though if we’re really honest with ourselves, we all know there’s no chance in hell of that happening.

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Fluke_Skywalker153d ago (Edited 153d ago )

Never say never, I really didn't expect to ever see Space Marine 2 and 12 years later its almost here.
So there is still hope for all these games.

Chocoburger153d ago

I've completed 5 of the games on the list, but the author forgot to include Advent Rising. It was supposed to be a trilogy, but it bombed hard, and the two sequels never got made. It was Mass Effect, a console generation before Mass Effect.

The game is buggy and unpolished, it needed a few more months of development, but the potential was there. At the end of the game, you have all these super abilities, I remember the stomp attack that created a shockwave being especially powerful.

shinoff2183153d ago

I personally think days gone will recieve some sort of sequel at some point. I'm personally also hoping it's not the rumored multiplayer online stuff. I'd think most that enjoyed it would rather thisnto.

Knightofelemia153d ago

Sony needs to dust off Sly Cooper and Days Gone so needs a sequel two of my favorite Sony titles. Bulletstorm I love great game wish it also got a sequel. And I wish Namco would finally give Enslaved a sequel another great game.


15 Best Mecha Games Of All Time

From mechs of the future and alternate history, suit up and get ready to wreak some havoc in the best mecha games of all time.

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jznrpg282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

A best all time mecha game list without Zone of the Enders even on the list is 100% crap to me. Worth saying twice though not intentional

jznrpg282d ago

A best all time mecha game list without Zone of the Enders even on the list is 100% crap to me.

isarai282d ago

List is void without Robot Alchemic Drive

RavenWolfx282d ago

No Chromehounds? Zone of the Enders?

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