PS3s available at still and Best Buy stores, following a well publicized New Year's Eve sale, still have PlayStation 3 units available. received documentation from sources using Best Buy's Retek Store System (RSS) showing megalopolis' like Los Angeles are sold out, but states like Missouri, Illinois, Texas, Michigan, Minnesota are stocked. This is all a moot point because has units for purchase. If gamers want a unit, it's available.

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nice_cuppa5243d ago

just thought you people might want to know. im in northampton england and my local blockbuster has a second hand ps3 for sale for £550.00 .
im for real.
its unreal.
what the hell is going on ?

HiSpeedSoldier615243d ago

GOD! I love this web site.

I don't know what it is but this site loves to butcher a story (particularly anti-PS3 stories) until it has less life left in it than Saddamn Hussein. If I am not mistaken, this is already the third "PS3's not selling out" type of story that has been posted here in the last 48 hours, but when news of a microsoft employee commenting on HD-DVD as the next betamax comes to be heard, one news post is made and then it is never heard from again. Is this site biased or what?

I currently don't own a PS3 because like a lot of other people I am waiting for more original software to makes its way to the system (and also because my PS2 is still doing fine with alot of great games) but unlike the people that wet their panties when their brand of choice is disparaged or beaten (*cough* The Mart *cough) this year will prove to all the neutral gamers that the PS3 is not a gimmick and that with its advance technology, developers will create software that can only be made exclusively to PS3. 2K7 will be the year that PS3 shows to the world what it is truly capable of.

Alright..since I got that off my chest, let all the zit faced xbox 360 losers loose to defend their love machine of choice.

Monchichi0255243d ago

You call us losers when in fact your the one still holding on to Hope that the PS3 will be better. I bet you were one of the losers who was also like "Wait till November 06 and watch the PS3 rule the world!!!" LOL Just face the fact that Sony has been F'n you up the ass with there lies and "Jump In" I know I did and am loving the 360!!!

HiSpeedSoldier615243d ago

Oh and you're NOT one of the pathetic, infantile fanboys that have already labeled the PS3 as a flop and that it will never evolve, even though it has only been out for 2 Freaking months?

You're NOT a Loser fanboy that has to take my comment so damn seriously, even though I was just voicing my disapproval for this websites seemingly one-sided approach to PS3 news? God, you act like I just made out with your mom or something.

but nevertheless, I thank you, for proving my point of how pathetic you ignorant kids really are.
(By the way, I never praised the PS3 as the "Ruler of the next gen wars" or whatever before its release for two reasons: I am not as small minded and idiotic as you are, and the second reason is: unlike introverted losers like you, Videogames are not my heart and soul).

r10005243d ago

Well said... I tottaly agree with you... When an arguement comes from the xbox fanboys... you can somehow tell there adolescence in their comments, and their beloved console is the center of their universe...

When bad news comes out about the PS3... i love how they comment with "LOL"... is it really funny that you have to laugh out loud?

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The story is too old to be commented.