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Brand New In-Game Screenshots of Dead Rising 4 Leaked

NeoGAF user etta shares some new screenshots from Dead Rising 4.

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BigBosss1873d ago

It's like what Dr Emmett Brown aka Doc would say "Great Scott" Game looks fantastic! :D

Definitely picking this up!

NukaCola1873d ago

Home Alone quote:

Merry Christmas you filthy animal..

BigBosss1872d ago

Nice quote and great pun haha :P

mikeslemonade1872d ago

Underwhelming visuals. I hope it comes to PC.

mark_parch1872d ago

I forgot every ps4 owner also has a gaming pc

Docknoss1872d ago

Looks amazing can't wait to play it on my Xbox slim.

DashArrivals1872d ago

I'm a SONY FAN, and I'll be getting this on PC.

I could give a crap where the money goes. I will never own an Xbox 1 as long as I live. But games are games, and I can play them on PC. A capable gaming PC doesn't cost as much as you think buddy. I can play this on average settings I'd bet, which is fine by me.

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mark_parch1872d ago ShowReplies(5)
1872d ago
Errorist761872d ago

Looks really good, even though those are PC screens.

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YinYangGaming1872d ago

My hype levels have just gone up a ton by these new screens, hoping we get a fairly meaty gameplay demo tomorrow (if you pardon the pun)

Erik73571872d ago

ITs also a reboot of the first dead rising with frank west.....that's what i'm most hyped for is to see frank west again the best out of all the other dead rising characters.

thekhurg1872d ago

That first Dead Rising was so amazingly fun. Those chainsaws from that clown along with the books to increase their use was just barrels of fun.

saywat2471872d ago

xbox 360 screenshots?? lmao

MachuchalBrotha3161872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

I killed a goat once to make stew. Weird part about it was, the baa'ing stopped like a dying battery, long eternal sleep. I'll never forget. Nothing beats skinning a shark tho.

christocolus1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Check out this amazing gif

killer_goat1872d ago

Looks unoriginal and like every other zombie game. Just like zombies themselves, these games just won't quit. At the very least fix the bugs before release. I remember the last one where you would fall through the map with no textures at the crashed helicopter

christocolus1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )


Yup. It really does.


ok buddy -_-

hduce1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

I'm really looking forward to this game now. Despite what some others think, I think it looks amazing.

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DashArrivals1872d ago

It looks like a lot of fun, and the Christmas setting, I think, will make it hilariously funny as well. LMAO Can't wait to carve up some christmas shoppers lol. Pretty sure my card will be able to handle it. Gonna be fun

Errorist761872d ago

Screens are PC screens though.

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SpaceRanger1872d ago

There goes another surprise! All the betas, demos, hardware, leaked screenshots of their top games, what they've told us will be there. What's left? -_-

Movefasta19931872d ago

don't look at them then lol we already know dr4 is coming.

SpaceRanger1872d ago

Oh why didn't I think of that? Lol /s

Seriously though, my point is that everyone will be saying "oh megatons" when everything they're announcing has been known since like last week.

ThePope1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Who cares?? These games are still coming. How and when their revealed is far less important than that they are coming!

jb2271872d ago

Less important sure, but not unimportant. You can't tell me you'd rather have found out about this game in a week long slow trickle of bits & pieces rather than a full surprise rollout of gameplay during the hypest of gaming shows.

There's something to be said about that "oh sh*t." moment that you get when you see a game revealed at a can for the first time. I personally think it's a shame that all of these leaks happen these days, it takes a bit of the fun out. I remember a time not long ago when E3 was all surprises, all the time, now we are lucky if we were previously unaware of 10% of the games being shown.

ThePope1872d ago


You're 100% right. The guy though is talking like MS might as well not come to E3 now. Which is stupid.

sammarshall1021872d ago

That's what I was thinking

I'm just glad they're coming :) and it's not like we've seen the trailers yet

Fin_The_Human1872d ago

Like Movefasta said, we all knew it was going to be announced.

The announcement can still shock and Awe since we know very little about the game, heck people are even confused as to why the are calling it a remake but the name is DR4 0_o.

Megaton would be including all four games (remastered) in one bundle like the MC Collections or even if the game is taken advantage of the cloud and they show us a demo of a huge open world with hundreds of zombies coming at you all at once without one bit of lag.

Two more days :)

jb2271872d ago

Not sure why you get disagrees from that...we've literally had most likely everything from Bethesda leaked, most of EAs stuff, a lot of Ubis cards are on the table, and I'm fairly certain that we know every single game that will be shown at MS show with gameplay. MS may have 1 or 2 other reveals, but aside from indies those would most likely be cg trailers.

It's crazy too because in years past it has always been the other way around, Sony is typically the leakiest ship, but it's been very quiet on the Sony front in regards to leaks. We've had the recent rumors but nothing in this pre week of E3. I'm hoping there will at least be surprises in store for Sony's show because I'm afraid that's all we really have left, everything else has been spoiled & leaked.

lastking951872d ago

Prepare to be surprised then cause I'm willing to bet gold or plus ms has more to be revealed then what you just predicted.

jb2271872d ago


I'd absolutely love for that to be the case. I guess I'm just tempering expectations. I'm sure there will be OS surprises, hardware surprises, and maybe third party surprises. I know MS will have some unknowns at the show but hopefully DR4 wasn't the crown jewel new exclusive for the show because I like the surprises.

I don't have an XBO but I'm all about some games & there's stuff that I already wanna play on that system...just hoping that this E3 gives me games that makes it an absolute must have for me. Recore is the one I'm eyeing the hardest right now. Can't wait to see that. The MS show will be great even if there are no new reveals because we will be seeing a lot of quality gameplay, I just hope there are a couple cool game surprises to tip it over the edge & make it really memorable.

meche3341872d ago

Gears 4, Forza Horizon 3

lastking951872d ago

Wait and see? I'll be at wirk during e3 so the leaks are basically e3 1 day sooner for me lol.

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Kosm1872d ago

Great to see the goofy side of the game is still intact, but a little more color would be nice!

BigBosss1872d ago

Glad they are going with Unreal Engine 4 this time and not the previous engine they've used. Not that there was anything wrong with it.

Concertoine1872d ago

The framerate and resolution was awful in the last game.

Fin_The_Human1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Same here...a lot of people who aren't true fans of the game are asking for the game to be more darker and serious.

I hope they ignore those people since we have so many serious zombie games that I dont want Resident Evil in my DR4.

Edit: Con, I hope you are right - DR3 did not look this dark outside at night.
I already have my dark game for the year which is Gears of War 4 and needed a game with some fun and comic relief.

Concertoine1872d ago

It'll probably be lighter in the mall.

DashArrivals1872d ago

More color? It's Christmas time buddy. Christmas colors splattered in blood are the best colors. LMAO