Paintballs Show the True Power of the GPU

Computer graphic pimps Nvidia, makers of all things GeForce, recently held their own little tradeshow dubbed "Nvision". During the final hours of the event, Nvidia had some special guests take the stage to give a little visual presentation on how great graphics chips are. In order to demonstrate the advanced power that a GPU has over a regular ol' CPU, Nvidia hired the Mythbusters guys. What resulted was some paintball-shooting robots and some typical Mythbusters over-the-toppedness that you just have to see. Video follows.

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Twizlex3704d ago

That was awesome, but as far as I know, there is no GPU with 1,100 threads.

Twizlex3704d ago

Now ATI has to hire the Blast Crew or whatever they're called to blow something up and outdo Nvidia.

El_Colombiano3704d ago

Hahaha please all ATI has over nVidia is the 4870x2. And thats two GPUs on that one card. SLI a pair of GTX 280's ao it will be fair and the 4870x2 wont stand a chance.

uie4rhig3704d ago


EDIT: i know EPIC FAIL!! :P

Bolts3704d ago

Very nice display but I sure as hell don't need the GPU to shoot paint balls. Nvidia should focus their on Physics X capabilities instead. Show me some in game physics effects that the console couldn't possibly handle then I'll be impressed.

m91058263704d ago

It wasnt actually using a GPU to fire the paintballs, it was an allegory. CPU draws one pixel at a time. GPU draws the entire screen in a "single shot". Get it?

vdesai3704d ago

He must be a console fanboi who can't think at higher levels. Imagine, GPU crunching numbers that would be great.

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The story is too old to be commented.