The 10 forgotten platform gaming heroes

You may be familiar with Mario and Sonic, but what about Bonk, Monty Mole and Tom-Tom?

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FreestyleBarnacle3700d ago

Gotta love Rick Dangerous and Jet Set Willy. Unless you got caught jumping into the screen in the wrong place and got hit by that Flamingo head that should have been a foot but for copyright.

Am I rambling or just writing a stream of consciousness? Ooh shiny things.....

Odiah3700d ago

there's a very good reason as to why I've forgotten most of these characters. Bonk especially sucked.

specialguest3700d ago

Being a young kid back in 1990, I thought Bonk was awesome. Sadly, when I revisited the game, I started to realize how boring the game was. I suppose you're right.

Yi-Long3700d ago

.... to know the name of the name that I loved so much as a kid: Magical Flying Hat Turbo Adventure!!!

Awesome awesome game.

I used to play it on my neighbour's Megadrive, who had bought the game in Hong Kong. It didnt come with an english title on the front or in the menu (I think), so I never knew the name. Definately one of the most fun 16-bit platformers of all time!

jtucker783700d ago

Why did Monty die so fast
Aren't three lives enough to last
The hazards that confront a mole
In his search for precious coal

Don't let Monty die in vain
Press a key and try again

How's that for memory. "Wanted Monty mole." Used to play it with my dad back in 84

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The story is too old to be commented.