First Trailer of Xbox 360 Exclusive Ninja Blade

Microsoft surprised gamers today with a new Media Briefing in Japan, just one month before the TGS. They announced yet another price drop for Japan, and also have shown this first teaser trailer of Ninja Blade, developed by From Software (Otogi).

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Bombibomb5200d ago

I hope it's nothing like their Armored Core / Otogi games lol.

fufotrufo5200d ago

well is not a robot why would it should be like AC ..and its more like Otogi witch i think it's great .. Otogi is a good game with good reviews

JasonPC360PS3Wii5200d ago

Otogi 1&2 and Chromehounds are pretty good games

NO_PUDding5200d ago

Ninja Blaiden.. I mean, Ninja Blade looks familiar.

Even the logo is uncanny.

Microsoft don't have an innovative bone in their body. That's just sad.

dragunrising5200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

I think your a little confused. Explain how you come to the conclusion, the game has "no innovation" with a 29 second cutscene. Also... Microsoft is publishing the game...not developing it. FROM software is responsible for development. Innovation in Ninja Blade has nothing to do with whom you accuse has none. How about you innovate with your thought process and conclusions a little bit, k? Its hard not to respond to a weak argument.

bomboclaat_gamer5200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

no_pudding knows nothing about video game developers and publishers, just a plain old fanboy, who doesnt think either. i doubt if he has a bomboclaat brain lol. what is he doing in the xbox section any way. LETS TAKE AWAY HIS BUBBLES FOR BEING A TROLL

gaffyh5200d ago

This looks way way too much like Ninja Gaiden, they should have atleast changed the way the guy looks a little. Also this trailer is really only a teaser, so I doubt we will see this game released for a long time.

JsonHenry5200d ago

Ninja Blade? The fact they could not come up with a better name for it than that does not give me too much confidence in this game being any good. Yes, I know - what is in a name, but c'mon! Who else read the words "Ninja Blade" and reflexively said "PASS" in their heads? **raises hand**

MorganX5200d ago

Who decided that Ninjas fight mythological beasts and what not? This is why I don't like Ninja Gaiden and won't like this one. The world and environments are all wrong for Ninjas.

What happened to Ninjas assanitating, er people, and fighting Kung Fu dudes?

For fighting mythological beasts, etc. I'll wait for Darksiders.

Montrealien5200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

Yeah, because the Otogi games are horrible right Bomb? I still Play Metal Wolf Chaos now and then, it's one of my favorite games. From Software know how to make a good game imho, and this is good news for fans of their games. I will be keeping an eye on this for sure.

candystop5200d ago

I see where your coming from and wish a Ninja game would come out myself that felt like nothing more then a Ninja's only game. Otogi however proved itself to me and there have been demons in many Ninja movies like ninja domination3 22 years ago as well as constant fighters that show monsters. Really I just want a game with hand to hand or weapon to weapon combat and tire of these weapon combo slashers. The vid looked great though and I'm willing to bet the game turns out to be a good one.

BLuKhaos5200d ago

Damn I was hoping for this game to be a stealth game like splinter cell but instead it looks like some ninja gaiden piece of sh*t.

GiantEnemyCrab5200d ago

No_PUD: How did you reach that conclusion? From this short little video? Just an FYI that MS did not develope this game so you can stop with your MS has no innovation FUD. Why am I not surprised to see you in here dissing a 360 exlcusive?

barom5199d ago

Did anyone feel that the cutscene was actually kinda bad? I mean, when he cut through that guy, it felt kinda weak. You didn't really feel the impact. I felt like something was missing.

It looks kinda interesting though. Kinda reminded me of Shinobi. But their Tenchu Z game was bad so I'll remain skeptic until I see some real gameplay footage.

uxo225199d ago

Why were you wishing for this game to be a "stealth" game when it's a 360 exclusive and you're a PS3 owner. Why do you have any interest at all in this game with the exception of to hate on it.

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BIoodmask5200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

the trailer looked awesome. This will be a nice follow up action game to Ninja Gaiden 2. Hopefully it is coming out this year. The only info I have seen so far is this trailer and some screenshots though.

Here is link for screens if you are interested.

Sez 5200d ago

i think it coming out next year more or less. plus i don't think my wallet can take this abuse of good games coming to the 360. me and my wallet will be going thru therapy soon.

uxo225199d ago

It's Ninja "Gaiden" if you're going to try and be funny at least spell it right!

Shaka2K65200d ago

Gameplay wise the game looks like crap just like too human.

juuken5200d ago

Come on man...the game does look pretty good.
I like ninja games especially.

nieto5200d ago

that's just a CGI teaser...

juuken5200d ago

The trailer looks good but the gameplay says otherwise. If it turns out to be another flop...ooooh boy.

theKiller5200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )


what makes anybody think this game will do more than Ninja gaiden 2??
ng2 could have been much better if they gave it the right time but MS love to always rush things just to compete with sony releases!! they r too possessed with sony! they need to focus on doing their own things right instead of copy cat everything sony does!!

this will be just another ninja game so what?? does 360 owners really wants a new IP of ninja game?? they already have ninja gaiden so whats the point?? shouldnt MS be more focusing on other genres?

MS just seems to do everything that the masses want wrong!!
first MS should fix RROD, then make Live for free then release new IP's and stop buying ps3 exclusives instead!!

Stryfeno25200d ago

Wow you droids get upset so quick.

I never knew Xbox 360 Exclusives makes a droid want to slit their wrist. Nice, bring on the exclusives.

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juuken5200d ago

Have you played God of War?
...No, so why knock on it? It's not a button masher-you actually have to know what the hell you're doing before you play it.

KBDuB5200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

Lol. Shaka. You fail. =)

@juuken - I love the God of War series! But, it is a button masher at times. However, I do agree with: "you actually have to know what the hell you're doing before you play it."

5200d ago
Pain5200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

PS3 version later..but will Suffer from being a crappy port from a crappy System.

Oh @ sak500 Your Mom sure got the crappy DNA shaft with you.

Dacapn5200d ago

I guess they want their game library to look like the Wii's with handful of good games, and a sh1t ton of garbage.

juuken5199d ago

Well, I didn't find God of War to be a button masher. Maybe it was because I was playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma a lot.

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titntin5200d ago (Edited 5200d ago )

I'd rather see some gameplay than an opening movie, but I'm always up for another 'ninja style slasher and will await more details on this with real interest!

Rock Bottom5199d ago

Itagaki was secretly working behind this game.

The trailer doesn't say much but third person slashers are always welcomed, for me at least.