Injustice 2 Gameplay Reveal

None other than Ed Boon shows off Injustice 2 and gives us our first look at gameplay. Grodd, Supergirl, and more fan favorites are here!

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aneeler910d ago

Oh man Black Manta! The game looks fantastic I can't wait to hear more about the gear system.

GigawattConduit910d ago

I need this NOW, SO MUCH. I can't wait to beat some fools down as Atrocitus.

P_Bomb910d ago

Looks like everything's been upped a notch, and the roster additions are spot on so far.

GigawattConduit910d ago

Hopefully they include Beast Boy or Aqualad...

the_hitman3000910d ago

You and me both. I guess this is only a sneak peak into what they will show at E3. I can't wait.

robtion910d ago

Looks awesome. Can't wait to play it. Hope they add plenty of new fighters and keep all the originals.

antz1104910d ago

BADASS!!! Really digging the roster so far, great character choices.

IamTylerDurden1910d ago

I'd love to see Black Hand. I think Robin needs to be in the game.

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Sonyslave3910d ago

Agree it look the same as the last one on my ps3 wtf.

I hate how they use that badass cgi and give us this.

GigawattConduit910d ago

Well to be fair, the game isn't due out for at least a year. And this also looks MUCH better than the PS3 version, are you kidding

Darkwatchman910d ago

I know the visuals aren't mindblowing, but I played the ps4 version of injustice. It looks way better than the ps4 "remaster" of the first

blackblades910d ago

This sob is a troll, how the hell someone goes and say it looks like the ps3 one.

exkalibur97910d ago

if you honestly cant tell the difference/think cg trailers are showhow bad its time to #reachforthebleech and cleanse the gene pool

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Erik7357910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

I'm not even in to fighting games but that shit looked awesome to me! I guess if your not a fan of superheros then its not as cool ya know?

theshredded910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

I agree, it looks okay and a lot like the first one. Not sure why people are hyped, comic book nerds are so biased. If you're familiar with fighting games, this looks mediocre at best. Aquaman, Superman and Supergirl look godawful. And if you're not then don't expect something fantastic or a better fighting game than MKX and others. This is the B team that made the first after all

CorndogBurglar910d ago

Of course it looks a lot like the first one. Its a sequel. Thatsblike saying MKX looks a lot like other MK games. It SHOULD, lol.

trouble_bubble910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

It's biased to like great characters? Oh well, sue me. Where else ya gonna get these kinda playable DC dream teams, besides old Lego?

Fin_The_Human910d ago

Why are people disagreeing with you.

The game does not look impressive and looks just like the last one.

910d ago
Fin_The_Human910d ago

Stardust that fine but why are they impress with this game?

I would assume that people don't want to pay $60.00 for a sequal that looks like the last game.

910d ago
CorndogBurglar909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

I must be missing something here.

In what world should sequels NOT look like the previous game? Its a friggin sequel. Of course it looks the same. It still needs to have all the same elements of the previous game, otherwise it stops being Injustice. Sure they can make slight changes here and there, but at the end of the day it needs to have the same tone, art style, stage transitions, and over the top suoer attacks. You know.....the things that make Injustice unique from MK and other fighters.

Like I said, change up too much, and it stops being Injustice. Also, you should be able to look at any sequel and be pretty confident what franchise it is without knowing the name. At least with fighting games.

And if people don't see the huge graphical difference, especially that scene with Aquaman and the big shark coming out of the water, then you must not have spent much time with the first Injustice.....

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andrewsquall910d ago

Well that's 2 trailers and still no Unreal Engine logo. So we still don't know if the team is moving away from the Unreal 3 game engine like their last 4 fighting games and going with the Unreal Engine 4.

princejb134910d ago

If it has a mortal kombat type fighting system like the first, this game is going to fail

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S-Word910d ago

Not buying anymore NRS games. They're all hype, filled with tons of patches, problems everywhere, & then they stop supporting it after about a year & a half. Not to mention this game just proved that competitively it's a joke with all of the RPG (gems) elements to it. All hype, no substance.

q8kik910d ago

What do these gems do exactly?

fatneal910d ago

cmon bro...boon n company are pretty consistent man....from mk9 to now they havent let me down anyway

EmperorDalek910d ago

One and a half years is a really good amount of support if you ask me. And what do you want? A carbon copy of all other fighting games? NRS have made the best fighting games of the past few years, even if MKX wasn't up to standard.

KentBenMei910d ago

That is a pitiful support period.

DualWielding910d ago

I'll buy it when they release the ultimate edition with everything at a reasonable price

Hotabang910d ago

main menu: "press x to buy"
character select screen: "press x to buy"
change costume: "press x to buy"
now it'll be: hand armor, legs, head, upper torso, feet "die from hunger"

FlameBaitGod910d ago

His probably talking about the PC version

CorndogBurglar910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

The terrible netcode is what kills NRS games for me. I've given them 3 chances and each time it has disappointed. MK9 had terrible netcode but kept falling for them saying they've updated it for both Injustice 1 and MKX. So I gave them the benefit of the doubt both times and bought Injustice and MKX day one only to have some of the worst input delays I've ever seen in a fighting game.

I'll wait this time. Watch what I'm saying. This question will come up at some point before launch and Boon will say they've really enhanced their netcode this time around, or some nonsense. Not falling for it again....

yeahokwhatever910d ago

I buy them for the single player.. so much fun!

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rebeljoe14910d ago

Let me guess, DLC microtransactions to buy new armor and such, I hope its in game but at this point if you look at Watch Dogs 2 bonus pre order stuff and Overwatch loot boxes, you know gaming is heading in a BAD place

exkalibur97910d ago

have you seen the fanboys defend the rng loot boxes in overwatch? lol its like you made fun of their mother