FC2 hang glider makes sequel "truly a Far Cry game"

It can't be Far Cry without a hang glider, right? Apparently not.

Showing off Far Cry 2 at Games Convention, dev narrative man Patrick Redding said the powerless flying thing ws an essential addition to the game.

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kittoo3697d ago

The original Far Cry on PC didnt have hand-gliders. But still, FC2 is going to be awesome

n4gzz3697d ago

May be i have different version of Far Cry 1 but It has many hand gliders on my pc version.

Bolts3697d ago

The Far Cry formula sucks. The first few missions might be cool but after a while the game get boring fast and the uber graphics simply run out of steam after you spent the entire game at the same general location. What this game need is a mission structure with an engaging narrative and characters like GTA. It seems they haven't learned anything from the first game at all.

OOG3697d ago

yea....and the orignal far cry on pc also didnt have water...... lol right...

Droid3697d ago

can't wait, too bad the enemy AI in all the new videos sucks. they have x ray vision. WTF...


SpecialSauce3697d ago

every time i see some one hide in the leafs and creep up on the enemy they turn around and shoot right at him.

bada1bing3695d ago

you know nothing do you mate !

FC2 has both a strong narrative story and a buddy system