Kizuna: Shadow of the Colossus Clone?

Looking at these new images can be viewed as the rpg Kizuna has something SOTC.

As you can see the bosses are Colossus, and to identify weaknesses use the wiimote

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Lyan3702d ago

Not sure there has ever been a game that did not rip-off some aspect of another game. It's the entertainment industry, much like music and movies, people stick to what they know works in order to succeed. Some use game aspects as "inspiration", some just blatantly reproduce it, either way, in the end, it is all a relative copy/rip-off of something that came before it.

ChickeyCantor3702d ago

Yes because all platformers were so unique XD

Rock Bottom3702d ago

@Lyan : I can't think of any thing Shadow of the Colossus stole from any other game.
Also, not everything is steeling, take Splinter Cell and Metal Gear for an example, it's no secret SP was made to be the Xbox's MGS, even its developers said so, but, when you really look at both games SP wasn't an MGS clone, they just took the concept of sneaking and made a completely different game, the same goes for Forza & GT, Mario & Sonic, Resident Evil & Silent Hill...

On the other hand, a game like Ghost Rider was complete rip off from both GOW and DMC, they even stole the controls layout.

@Bombibomb : Seriously, Didn't you saw that coming, it's the fate of great games to be cloned, but I'd wait to see how much similar this game is to SotC before judging it.

mikeslemonade3702d ago

The bosses look to cheesy. They look like colorful lego characters. And we played SoTC 5 years ago on standard def already. We want HD colossi dammit!

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Chris Hansen3703d ago

"New Shadow of the Colossus?"
Do not use the title "Shadow of the Colossus" to describe this knockoff. SotC is a masterpiece that is too beautiful to be described using words. Kizuna looks like dogturd.

IzKyD13313702d ago

its on the wii, so you don't have to worry about this selling well, anything that doesnt have the word "party" in the title automatically sells bad on the wii

ChickeyCantor3702d ago

Mario kart Party...
Now i don't remember that game o_0
( yeah i named a mario game but come on software isn't selling that bad on the Wii, stop with that already)

vdesai3702d ago

Your wrong it will sell well, but then it will be returned for a PS2 game.

soul899er3703d ago

wow, i would never compare this game with the Masterpiece that is SotC, but it does look like a cheap wannabe

Shadow Man3703d ago

inFamous: Crackdown Clone?

Looking at these new images can be viewed as the open world inFamous has something Crackdown.

As you can see the game is like Crackdown, and plays like Crackdown.

View Images >>

Shaka2K63703d ago

Infamous is made by Sucker Punch which only delivers nothing but innovative AAA's.

Shadow Man3703d ago

The only thing Sucker Punch will deliver is a sucker punch to your nuts. lol

PopEmUp3702d ago

so not to you, since you don't have one right? But instead you have a puss* to look up to, well that great

ChickeyCantor3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

I don't see how you disagreed with him.
He was stating the obvious.

edit: and the phantom strikes again.

Pain3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

just dont even try kid.

Sand box is sandbox so shut up, Thinking every Dev is copying your WonderBox 2 games is a Fail anywhere.

ChickeyCantor3702d ago

He didnt say that...
He only said that with the Sanbox games out there no one seems to care wether the idea is "stolen" or not.

thekingofMA3702d ago

the guy makes a perfectly valid comment and gets grilled by asshats who refuse to believe a sandbox game very similar to another sandbox game should never be put in the same sentence

but crackdown was a good, fun game. sure a lot of people bought it for the halo 3 beta, but once that was over there was a lot of people playing and loving it

but to the ignorant people who dismiss any competition:

Crackdown was developed by Realtime Worlds and published by Microsoft (you'll probably stop reading now)-the founder of RW is David Jones, the GTA and Lemmings creator.

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Le-mo3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Don't diss the game yet guys. Miwa Shouda (FFXII, Saga Frontier, Little King's Story)is working on the scenario for the game and Youichi Kawaguchi (DQVIII, Little King's Story)is the director and programmer.

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