Interview with Capcom: Lost Planet

Jun Takeuchi: "The Lost Planet title is exclusive to Xbox 360. The original idea was first tossed around in the days of the PS2, but the idea grew beyond what the PS2 was capable of at the time, so when we received the Xbox 360 development kits, we knew the 360 was meant to be Lost Planet's new home."

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TheMART5239d ago

DJ and all the Sony fanboys hoping these exclusives would come over to PS3, they're not.

Unlike the PS3 former exclusives that run the hell out of the Sony camp to a games selling format which the 360 is!

silent ninja5239d ago

not a bad score for shooter that is made by japanese dev

slugg5239d ago

Can't wait, and I still haven't even played 5 of the seven games I got for Christmas (Santa put all 3 Burger King games in my stocking, lol). Funny thing is, Capcom COULD make Dead Rising and Lost Planet for PS3, but with so few systems out there at this time, I doubt it is economically feasable. Future big titles (RE 5, anyone?) will probably release on both consoles, but new titles that are 360 exclusive from Capcom also seem a safe bet if Lost Planet sells as well as it is expected to.

FirstknighT5238d ago

Capcam made alot of money from Dead Rising. The demo of Lost Planet was downloaded over a million times and will also sell well. Capcom is making alot of money from the 360! Do I smell DMC coming???

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