PSP breaks 10 million sold mark in Japan

The last couple of times I visited Japan, it seemed like everyone had a PSP in their face. People play them on the street, listen to them on subway trains, watch them on busses... On the last trip, I wasn't even on the ground for an hour before I saw public PSP gaming. In that instance, it was a gorgeous girl playing Crisis Core. Call me.

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kittoo3752d ago

People are starting to realizing how awesome this little thing actually is. Its awesome piece for gaming and multimedia alike, and the gaming library and functionalities are great too. It deserves good sales......

Cajun Chicken3752d ago

The PSP as a handheld Dreamcast with multimedia features, just look at the controls and compare it to a DC controller.
I seriously love the thing. Needs to take advantage of the PS3 more though, remote play is cool, but I'm sure more can be done

This years been a bit drab for games in the western hemisphere, though.
It needs more PSone game releases and not just through PS3's PSN service so people can buy them anywhere.
Multiregion games is also a brilliant move, I have XI (Devil Dice) imported from Japan and its great you can do that and its the same with PS3 games.

Except for that, exceptional machine. I mean, I can play Powerstone 2, Devil Dice, Ratchet and Clank and fantastic GTA spin-offs on the go!

Skadoosh3752d ago

The PSP is a fantastic lil machine. To bad almost everybody that owns one has this lil guy hacked. The software sales proves this.

juuken3752d ago

Now I reaaaaally need to get a PSP.

SixTwoTwo3752d ago

I don't have a PSP yet but i'll eventually have to get one for Parasite Eve 3, KH birth By sleep, FFXIII Agito, Phantasy Star Portable, Star Ocean 1&2, Monster Hunter... ok yeah I need a PSP :P

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The story is too old to be commented.