Fact or Fiction: GTA DLC, 360 Price Cut and More

411's Derek Robbins and Rod Oracheski tell whether GTA IV's downloadable content will matter by the time it is actually released, how gamers will spend their time with Spore, whether any boxing game has surpassed Mike Tyson's Punchout in entertainment value, if Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise will do better than the previous game, and whether $200 really is the "sweet spot" for console sales. If the Arcade's price does drop to that magical number, if it will be difficult for Microsoft to keep the Arcade in stock this Christmas season in this edition of 411 Fact or Fiction Games!

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Silogon3704d ago

Xbox 360 has to have a price cut to survive and stay afloat. Keep in mind it's been out 3 years this november, guys. 3 years and it's still like 300 ad 400 bucks.

Not only that, it's not running on cutting edge hardware anymore. DVD player??? Yeah, that's a perk everyone in the trailer park is gonna love.

Truth is, the xbox 360 isn't a system I'd rush out to get at discount. not now with the PS3 leading the momentum meter for next gen gaming and media outlets.

Ps3 will always be the better buy. Even if it is 200 dollars more, the Ps3 always has a feature to back up why it's worth your money over the xbox 360.

Merritt3703d ago

"Not only that, it's not running on cutting edge hardware anymore. DVD player??? Yeah, that's a perk everyone in the trailer park is gonna love."

You're a complete fool if you think 99% of America running DVD's even cares about BR-DVD! Wake up and get off the Sony propaganda machine.

So while you may be a spoiled little child sitting in his room on his PC that his mommy and daddy bought, you still have to be accountable for what you type. What you type is idiotic. Fool.

Stryfeno23703d ago

Forgive the boy, for he knows not what he speaks.

Dyingduck3703d ago

He is forgiven, just make sure he doesn't open his mouth again...both for fat food and talking

AAACE53703d ago

The downloadable content for GTA 4 will only make a difference if it has something that grabs gamers attentions! It will have to be something totally different for it to sell like crazy. Otherwise it is just more marketplace stuff that will probably get lost in the pile after a few weeks!

beavis4play3703d ago

i might buy an arcade if i knew ms was going to support the platform. but 360 has been out 3 years in nov. and first xbox was out only 4 years before ms pulled the plug. couple this fact with microsoft being very vague(at best) about their future plans and i'm going to wait. if arcade is going to be 200 soon....then i'm sure it'll be 99$ within next couple of years.

i can wait.

Perjoss3703d ago

well they mentioned the 720 would be fully backwards compatible including gamer score (if you care about stuff like that)