Hooked Gamers: R&C: Quest for Booty Review

Hooked Gamers is not going to say Quest for Booty is a bad game, because that would not be giving it enough credit. But considering the price they can't honestly tell you that this is a must play game either, unless of course you are a Ratchet fan. Quest for Booty is an interesting experiment and they like the idea that Sony is trying to pursue here, taking their big franchises and giving a bite sized portion for a bite sized price. On that level Quest for Booty is a success but hopefully Sony will give a bit more fleshed out experience with their next experiment.

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Silogon3753d ago

Why has no one reviewed this game right? Do they not understand where it's going? Do they not understand the structure of the game? Do they not realize that this is 15 dollars for 4 hours of gameplay, when you can buy Gears of War for 60 at 5 hours of Gameplay or Uncharted for 6 hours of gameplay?

I can't believe anyone reviewed this game legit when they see the ending and realize where this series is heading. I simply can't. I mean the writing was on the wall with how QFB was structured. did anyone notice it wasn't structured like a R&C game, rather it was more like I dunno.... a um.... J&D game?

Just a damn hint morons!

Cajun Chicken3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

If you like platformers like Jak and Daxter, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro mixed with a dab of MDK and haven't played the R&C series yet, you should give this a try see if you like it and if you do, drag out the PS2, buy all the series secondhand and then purchase Tools of Destruction. These games are NOT JUST for kids.

A word of warning; Q4B includes spoilers galore for those who are new to the series. Its pure brilliance for such a short game, you can actually get a lot more fulfillment then most retail games once completed.
It makes you realise just how important Insomniac are as a developer this generation.
Support this game and tell the damn game industry whats wrong with the majority of this generation of gaming and encourage the return of action/adventures and platformers back in 2009 and beyond.