Why Steam Machines Are Fading Away From The Market

Steam Machine can be counted as one of a novel gaming consoles produced by developers to intensify players experience but why these machines are fading away from the market?

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freshslicepizza1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

windows is the leading os and in pretty much on most pc's, including high end gaming rigs. steam machines are overpriced and it was valves way of trying to push linux gaming, which we all know hasn't gained any traction. but valve isn't the loser here as they don't sell the hardware.

microsoft will further expand on their relations with oculus with the upcoming rumored scorpio system and only companies like microsoft can afford to take a loss on xbox hardware because they can make up those losses on other services and software sales. the makers of the steam machines only make profits off the hardware which is why many consumers just build their own systems and save money.

there really was no need to buy steam machines when any computer can be a steam machine.

s45gr321872d ago

To summarize the article Steam Machines failed because:

High Price low performance
Did not solve the maintenance/ hardware compability issue
Not every Steam game was on a Steam Machine

m2stech1872d ago

because you cant force pc gamers to become console gamers with closed brick, we want our PCs fully customisable and built from scratch. Also linux sucks, unless youre an IT guy.

ILostMyMind1872d ago

Because its are weak expensive PCs.

conanlifts1872d ago

Enter ms with a steam app for xbox. Best way to capitalise and further integrate pc and consoles.