GameZone: Deer Hunter Tournament Preview

Deer Hunter: Tournament is the latest offering from the developers behind the Deer Hunter series. Offering players a chance to hunt several different species of animals throughout a huge world, Deer Hunter: Tournament is a game set to emulate the hunting experience as best as possible. Tournament also ups the ante for the franchise by allowing gamers to play in online tournaments, which is a nice touch.

The game will feature 1,000 acres of map to traverse, which is a lot of walking. Fortunately, you'll have some means get around more than just your feet, as you'll be able to travel either on horseback or an ATV as well. Each of these handled fairly well, and allowed you to get across the map quickly enough. They each had their own advantages, since the ATV is a bit faster than the horse, but will potentially scare away animals if you draw too closely.

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