Square Enix Announces E3 2016 Schedule, Lots of JRPGs to go Around

Square Enix is lined up with a whole lot of "Yes, please!" for E3 2016.

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Cyb3r2966d ago

No FF7 Remake mentioned :(

Killz4Twinkies2966d ago

I wish, but you have to figure that is a ways out still

Cyb3r2966d ago

Yeah I guess but I wish they would still show something atleast

Overload2965d ago

People though we wouldn't see anything for years and then it was shown at PSX.

blitz06232965d ago

Or it could be in Sony's conference again :)

jessionpc2965d ago

Square Enix has their main franchise riding on 1 game. FF15 will take the main stage for certain, they cannot let a nostalgia giant like FF7 pull their own thunder. FF15 has a movie, an anime, phone games, and obviously, the biggest FF game since 7. They are going ALL out, why pull the rug out from underneath your OWN feet?

Expect FF7 news during a Playstation Experience event.

2965d ago
Ratty2964d ago

FFXIV is probably their current biggest game (and a very good one also) but it doesn't have FFVII's cult following.

Sunny_D2964d ago

Wow good point. That is true. Ff15 (formerly vs13) has been 10 years in the making. They have to blow us away. So far from what I've seen, I'm optimistic that they will.

-Gespenst-2965d ago

I'm interested in that 15 minute "grand finale" on the last day though...

KentBenMei2964d ago

Me too but won't get my hopes up too much.

2965d ago
KentBenMei2964d ago

Good, hopefully cancelled. They can try again when they decide to go turn-based.

Chevalier2964d ago

You would think releasing the first part next year would be perfect as it's the 20th anniversary. Just imagine a 20th anniversary exclusive PS4 bundle as well. It would probably shift some units for sure.

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Gazda2966d ago

ff7 remake will be part of Play station, not square enix

Fullmetalevolust2965d ago

So much JRPG goodness, I am so ready. SE is finally developing games I want to play. I hope Sony shows off FF7 and FF12 with SE on stage.
Can't wait to see what Level 5 has in store and what JRPG's get western releases.

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