The worst part of Doom may be getting better - Quarter to Three

Doom’s multiplayer has problems. Beyond being a muddled, me-too affair saddled with pointless load-outs and an uninspiring XP grind, there’s rampant cheating and it’s missing features players have come to expect in big-budget releases. The single player game is exquisite, but what to do about that multiplayer? Eurogamer interviewed id Software’s Marty Stratton, and he …

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UziSuicide2966d ago

Bots will be awesome for longevity and hopefully available for testing on your own maps

2966d ago

The importance of audio: How music makes games better

How do composers make the iconic music tracks from games that we love? And just what makes them so memorable?

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purple10183d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Twitter is blowing up right now

All games coming to PlayStation
Next Xbox will have steam
Next Xbox niche and only for “gamers who want it” (it’s a really powerful pc or a steam deck type portable, or both)

83d ago

Milestone Games in the History of the First-Person Shooter (FPS) Genre

Have you ever looked at a modern first-person shooter and wondered "How did we get here?" Wealth of Geeks performs a deep dive into the genre, including some of the most influential games, from the very first FPS from the cross-genre experiences that changed the game entirely.

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shinoff2183160d ago

I've looked and wished we never did get here.


The Most Iconic Game Weapons Ever

BLG writes, "There are many fantastic and iconic weapons in game history, but some are significantly more memorable than others. When we think of iconic game weapons, these are the top 20 that come to mind."

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phoenixwing168d ago

You forgot one and it's a doozy. The weapon is kindness in undertale. :) defeats countless enemies.