Austrailia: Microsoft Cuts Xbox 360 Peripheral Prices

Nick Broughal writes,

"One of things that always bugged me about the Xbox 360 was that after spending a heap of cash on the console, you'd still need to fork out another $170 just so you could get online wirelessly without running an Ethernet cable through the house. Fortunately, Microsoft have come to their sense and dropped the price of many of its peripherals - including the wireless network adapter. Now you can play 360 over your home wireless network for just... $150. That's right, it's a saving of $20!"

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rroded3703d ago

this is why dollar for dollar the ps3 is the best deal
built in wifi hd wireless remot n blueray in every box :D

ICUP3703d ago

Agree, prices for prices, features for features the PS3 without a question the best.

sak5003703d ago

Cut the damn 120GB price to 70$

ukilnme3703d ago

The HDD and wifi should have been built in. I love my 360 but I have to say that MS is trying to milk us with the accessories. Shame on them for that.

CrippleH3703d ago

What a ripoff for the wireless adapter. Well most of those peripherals are rip offs.

ukilnme3703d ago

I know this article is about MS and their BS tactics with the accessories, but MS is not the only company with this type of business model. I have never seen a 3rd party memory card for Sony made PCs or digital cameras. Just a little way for Sony to guarantee some revenue in the accessory dept.

grimygunz3703d ago

Sandisk and luxor make third party memory sticks dude and they cheaper. with sony its more about them having there format but they always allow third party support for whatever format they wanna shove down our throats

the_bebop3703d ago

Most of these Peripheral you can not even find in the shop I can't even find the 120GB HDD in the shops any more.

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