Fable 2 Pub Games Patch Coming, Maybe Repercussions Too

Brian Crecente writes,

"During my interview yesterday Lionhead Studio's Sam Van Tilburgh was pretty mum about the gold-churning glitch that was discovered in Fable 2's pre-release mini Pub Games.

He said that the patch for the game should be going live very soon, but when I asked him if the studio or Microsoft would be doing anything to those who raked in so much virtual cash he hit me with a no comment, followed by a 'their could be repercussions.'"

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DarkSniper3703d ago

Fable II is another game that will further define the Xbox 360's identity as one of the most underwhelming, mediocre consoles ever to be released. Only PLAYSTATION®3 has the internal capabilities to deliver the true structure and quality of where good games need to be. Which is in your living room and not at the repair shop.


GiantEnemyCrab3703d ago

You just keep on waiting... Must be a lonely view there from last place having to stare at Nintendo's and MS's ass all day.

JoKeR3703d ago

u try to hard to justify the purchase of ur ps3 ;)

Bangladesh3703d ago

I racked up about 500,000 gold using this simple glitch. If they have people in the game react to you like a thief/cheater or made your player start to deform evily, that would actually be pretty cool. But if I get banned or the lemon gamerpic because they didn't test their game good enough, I'll beat somebodies a**.

Boldy3703d ago

I would highly doubt that they would ban you or anything to that extent. The most I would see would your earnings reduced to zero or you start the game corrupted.

DarkSniper3703d ago

Fable II is already looking to be one of the most disappointing titles this year in 2008. Peter Molyneaux developed a garbage title in the first Fable which was released to less than stellar sales and reviews. But when a developer is making a game exclusively for Xbox 360, it's expected to be a game of low quality.

Seeing that Fable II is in dire need of patches even before the game is released is a telling sign that Microsoft Game Studios puts their developers to have their game complete within a certain deadline date. Thus hindering the time, development and tools needed to deliver a game with certain quality.

Games such as Halo 3, Gears of War 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, Too Human are all prime examples of games that were rushed to the market to meet consumer demand. Because of this, the quality of the games suffered heavily. Even the Xbox 360 console itself is a rushed pile of garbage that should not have even been released to the market. Fable 2 will suffer the same fate as the aforementioned titles

Dark Sniper can assure you that Microsoft has officially lost 2008. This will be the second consecutive year that Microsoft has fallen into 3rd place in overall sales on a worldwide basis.

Will Microslaves ever accept the fact that their console is the third place platform? Dark Sniper says they have no other choice.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D


Yourmomisfun3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Since your second comment is 100 percent longer than your first one saying Fable sucks and it's probably filled with fangirlism and I didn't read it, I'll warrant you a nice justified mom joke.

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bouncybullet3702d ago

the patch is for pub games not Fable 2.
Pub games wasn't even touched by Loinhead idiot.

ALSO, I have every system. So I can't be a fanboy.

There is sh*t coming out for ps3.

Also Fable had 9 out of 10 reviews everywhere.

I'm ashamed that you're a Shenmue fan..
putting down the only system that would take in Shenmue 2.
did you even play it?

or were you too busy giving bee-jayz to ps2..?

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Snukadaman_3702d ago

Since when?? droids proclaimed sony was going to jump that 6 million mark it was behind from all the way back in we speak

31 million wii
20 million xbox
15 million ps3
must be droid math.

Dyingduck3702d ago

Crapbox360 was released one year before PS3 launched...

Think about it month for month, week for week...

PS3 sold more than Crapbox360 in its first year

Ok, let's use your logic...

PS2 = 150 millions
Crapbox360 + Crapbox = 20 millions + 30 millions

Do you math

Yourmomisfun3702d ago

Your mom + Her genital area + My member + Me forcefully sexually assaulting her + Me sodomizing her + Me defecating on her =

You do the math.

ThatCanadianGuy3702d ago

That's you're average 360 fanboy right there.

TheColbertinator3702d ago

No,360 fanboys I can deal with.He is just a disaster unfit for both 360 or PS3 fanboyism

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Killjoy30003702d ago

This little mini-game is a cool concept, but the execution was ultimately a failure. Fable will be great, tough. Can't wait for it.

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