Mass Effect 4 Andromeda: 10 Things We Need To See At E3 2016

It feels like it’s been forever since the Mass Effect trilogy came to a close. Bioware’s epic space opera touched the hearts of millions of gamers with its engrossing story, believable universe, and memorable cast of characters. And while it may have ended in an explosively controversial manner, fans have still clamored for more, knowing that another game was simply inevitable given the franchise’s popularity.

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TheCommentator2872d ago

I just want to see one thing. No, seriously. Just show us the game... PLEASE...

2872d ago
Godmars2902872d ago

Space combat?

(heh-he...oh.... :( )

NeoGamer2322872d ago

The game ships next year. we don't need to see much yet.


Mass Effect 4 and The Challenges of Canonicity in Choice-Based Games

Game Rant Writes "Canonicity can be a tricky nut to crack in franchises with continuing narratives, and that's something Mass Effect 4 will need to contend with."

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just_looken371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

wow gamerant forgot mass effect 4 came out years ago number 6 and 7 were cancelled.

The new mass effect which can be called number 5 will not have any of your choices why you might ask?

Well dragon age keep were your choices from number one can been seen in number 3 got unplugged from number one and number 2 is finicky.

Dragon age on pc requires a mod to get past the server login and non of your choices get uploaded to the keep even the dlc no longer works sense it needs a server check.

On xbox i teseted this only though local saves i was able to transfer choices from one to too but 0 of one dlc would work.

So if the more popular dragon age series is in this state why would they care about your mass effect choices?

Oh and that remaster that was tossed out still has day one issues and number 3 is still hard to play on pc do to lighting issues and ram limits imposed from 2014.

My expectations for the next bioware 2.0 titles is very low.

phoenixwing371d ago

They should redo the main trilogy

just_looken371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

They should redo the dragon age trilogy for sure on pc DA1 the ui is messed up sense it was for 4080p/720i days back in 2005. Getting to run is also very hard

The only way to play dragon age one is via xbox one backwards compatable state.

The ps3 version of dragon age one is pre throphy/ in game xmb so it has the freezing/crashing issues or just will not run.

just_looken371d ago

Well i am not American so please enlighten me on usa education before your country invades mine and forces us into your society

GhostScholar371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

@ just_looken

Did I mention education? Never said America did have negative points. I know for all you “enlightened” people you think everything is either all good or all bad, but in reality that’s not how life works. We have a government that traded a known terrorist for a basketball player who moonlights as a drug dealer. We aren’t perfect by a long shot. If you want to go political though how about your leader leaving his own country when the truck driver strike happened?

porkChop371d ago

Dragon Age is not more popular than Mass Effect.

shinoff2183371d ago

Yea I read that and was like I've heard way more people talk mass effect compared to dragon age. Personally I'm more into mass effect. It's got the whole dope ass sci fi thing going on while dragon age has the same old medieval thing

gold_drake371d ago

andromeda is a spin off tjo and not considerd a numvered title. as it has to 99% nothing to do with the trilogy.

i think they need to make the destroy perfect ending canon.
we need more of shepard. haha.

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Mass Effect 4 Can Explore Post-Apocalyptic Themes

Game Rant Writes "Mass Effect 4 will likely treat Mass Effect 3’s Destroy ending as canon, and this gives it an opportunity to explore a post-apocalyptic galaxy."

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Rebel_Scum524d ago

Destroy is the best choice. Bring the relays back over the course of a new trilogy, maybe right at the end of the first game. Say it was Cerberus, Salarians or a bunch of keepers that created a relay.


Mass Effect 4 Needs to Make One Major Change with the Protagonist

Game Rant Writes "Mass Effect 4 has plenty of opportunities to change a lot about the franchise, particularly in the protagonist players can create."

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BrainSyphoned525d ago

Tons of opportunities since most anyone who made it special is long gone

ClayRules2012525d ago

“Mass Effect 4 Needs to Make One Major Change with the Protagonist“

To make sure the main characters face isn’t tired with the released game?