How Sony Can Bring the Year of Dreams 2.0 at E3

Sony had a miraculous E3 last year but can they repeat?

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CoNn3r_B1573d ago

I can see Sony doing well this year but I don't think Crash will be coming.

Game0N1573d ago

um could you like not jinx it pls? Crash is coming and the graphics will be like ratchet and clank.....hnnnnnnng!

naruga1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

i aslo hope for Crash-back-to-Sony reveal (differently let it die i dont want an Activision game) ..also why everybody keeps asking for agent ? has anyone ever seen any gameplay or smthing that would make him excited --->NO so stfup with this damn game ,,never was meant to appear and probably was transformed to GTA5

jessionpc1573d ago

OMG Ratchet and Clank and Crash! The two most overrated relic exclusives ever made!

There's a reason why they stopped making sequels. It's a shame, the industry caves into a few nostalgia fans when they could have done something new and fresh. You think the industry would STOP buying graphic artists and hire a writer worth 2 squirts of piss once and awhile.

Just playing the new Ratchet game made me feel sick. Yea, graphics are super cool pretty, but the linear carrot on the stick game play, the characters designed for 8 year olds, "Even though the nostalgia audience is mostly in their later 20's, the tiny set piece environments, the boring as all hell half collector half shooter game play, the forgettable story, forgettable characters, forgettable game that feels painfully out of time...

The remake sold for 2 reasons. Nostalgia, and desperation. People had to dust off their PS4 for some reason other than youtube/twitch.

Jeez, if people are going to remake games, remake something WORTH remaking.

Grandia 1, MGS1/2, Legend of Dragoon, Silent Hill 1/2, Final Fantasy Tactics/X, Shadow of the Colossus, Persona 4, COD World at War, Castlevania SOTN, Resident Evil 3 and SO many more...

But nope... Ratchet and Crash...

WOOOOW MAN CRASH WAS HUUUU- Yea, I hear a lot of people say that online, "Actually, only on N4G, the land of ponies". Never heard it from a gamer in real life though at conventions or with clans over the last 16 years on TS/Vent.

sammarshall1021573d ago

I don't understand the Crash Bandicoot hype and I played them when I was younger

Now Horizon I'm excited to see more of that

Ravenor1573d ago

Back in the day you had people trying to rationalize that Crash was better than Super Mario 64. I can understand feeing nostalgic for things like the music, but nothing about Crash Bandicoot as a character was ever great. I guess in the third one he had a leather jacket and some cool shades, you know...late 90's garbage.

Hold_It1573d ago


I don't either. In all honesty I think a lot of the "hype" is really nostalgia for Crash, and Jak & Daxter. I tried playing a lot of Naughty Dog's games with a very patient and open mind, but was really bored with all them except The Last Of Us.

Horizon looks to be the Killer App for PS4. It'll be interesting to see Guerilla Games first attempt at a non FPS game.

Bansai1573d ago


It's a platformer, what did you expect? Deep character development?

andrewsquall1573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

I would be 100 times more excited for a new or rebooted Spyro the Dragon BY Insomniac Games only or GTFO. The same way if Crash is announced, ND or GTFO.

@Bansai And the funny thing is Crash of 1996 still has just as much character development as THE LAST TWENTY YEARS of Mario, even with all the milking and spinoffs they constantly beat him around the head with.

Ravenor1573d ago

That's not the point, nothing about Crash was above average or special. It wasn't funny then, it isn't funny now and it will never be funny. Crash is a relic of the 90's and there is a reason no one cared about the games post ND, and it's not because ND wasn't on the project so don't even start.

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Hold_It1573d ago

If Crash does come, it will probably be the same sort of deal that Sony has with Disney Marvel for the use of Spider-Man. I'm really surprised Sony and company haven't brought back Syphon Filter, Parasite Eve, Dino Crisis, Medieval, Patapon, Spyro, Sly Cooper, Tenchu, Wipeout, and Twisted Metal. It would be great to see Original PS4 games (non-remasters) from those series.

Ravenor1573d ago

Activision owns Spyro, Square owns Parasite Eve and Third Birthday stank, They did bring back Sly Cooper and no one bought it, Tenchu has come back multiple times and no one cares, Twisted Metal had David Jaffe on the project and it still didn't sell, Sony Closed Studio Liverpool so who would care about a new wipeout? Dino Crisis was kind of bad, DC2 was better and DC3 was horrifically bad, do you really trust Capcom to not shit the bed after SFV? I don't. Do you not remember how bad the later Syphon Filters were? Hell by the third game in 2001 it had already started to lapse into absurdity. It's MediEvil and Guerilla Cambridge is working on RIGS. Seriously guys the nostalgia wankery is getting ridiculous. Move the f on.

Thatguy-3101573d ago

They need to reboot or remake Parasite Eve. That thing would be sick!!!!!

Kratos0Ace1573d ago

Sony brought back Sly Cooper with Sly Cooper Thieves in Time for PS3/PS VITA in 2013, Wipeout with Wipeout 2048 on the VITA in 2011 and Twisted Metal in 2012 for PS3. Both titles available in PS Now if you missed them.

Overload1573d ago

Spiderman will be there, but it's not being developed by Suckerpunch.

jb2271573d ago

Is that a prediction or a leak? I was really looking forward to the potential of an SP Spidey game but I'll take anything I can get, as long as it is a solid quality effort. Spider-Man needs his own Arkham Asylum level game. Others have come close, but they don't feel as much like a love letter to the fans, crammed with Easter eggs & interesting character designs.

I think SP would be a perfect fit, but as long as they've got some quality planned for Spidey & SP's next game, I'll deal

Game0N1573d ago

@naruga that theory that Agent morphed into another game is interesting but if it did, i'm pretty sure LA Noir was the result of that and not gta v

Thatguy-3101573d ago

LA noir happendd before the agent teaser

Jburr941573d ago

They most certainly can

Thatguy-3101573d ago

After last year anything is possible so why not bring back Agent into the mix lol can't wait to see what drops Monday

WickedLester1573d ago

I totally forgot about Agent! Yeah that would definitely get people's attention! Good call Thatguy-310!

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