Time to GO: Why are Square Enix's mobile titles so popular?

Square Enix Montreal has tapped into a unique and successful to adapt AAA franchises.

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DiscoKid953d ago

Their renown in the gaming industry. When it comes to mobile, it's all an advertisement game.

Christopher952d ago

I like puzzle games and they're not bad puzzle games. Pretty much it for me.

STK026951d ago

The GO games they are making are well suited for touch controls, are based on established franchises, are original games as opposed to being a poor adaptation of an existing title and can be quite fun to play. They are also priced fairly, unlike other games (including many by SE).

Once more developers start to develop their mobile games with the touchscreen in mind rather than developing the game first and putting an on-screen gamepad overlay afterwards, we'll start seeing better mobile games.

Hold_It951d ago (Edited 951d ago )

They are cheaply priced, are fun to have if you want something you can just pick up and play, and there's really no story or anything so you don't have to feel too invested in it. Perfect to play on the GO.

donwel951d ago

"They are cheaply priced"
Unlike the Final Fantasy games on mobile, I hear those are quite expensive.

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