Ubisoft Put 150 Bay Area Locations In Watch Dogs 2, New Fast Travel Discussed

Watch Dogs 2 will be set in San Francisco, and fans who are expecting to visit a lot of locations they know of in real-life SF, should be pleased with what Ubisoft has added.

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uncharted56862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

Honestly game looks gorgeous to me, an improvement over the first one in terms of being alive, more vibrant and gameplay wise. Really hope they have added variety and structure of side missions and that the story is better then the first time around.

Glemt862d ago

You didn't feel it looked vibrant and alive in the first trailer of the first instalment?

I mean, in retrospect, that trailer looks kinda bland to me, but I remember it to look quite cool back then. I put away the first one, after having played it only for about 20 hours, until yesterday when I finally gave it another chance. It's better than I remember, but still with so many flaws. The driving for example is horrible. If they tackle that this time around, WD2 could actually be an okay game, or even a good game (although I don't like the people in the trailer that much. They all look like they're trying to hard to be cool).

freshslicepizza862d ago

they already said they tackled the driving. i didn't really enjoy the first game but this sounds and looks ten times better. the same thing happened with assassins creed, great idea but wasn't really fleshed out until #2 which was a much better game.

uncharted56862d ago

The reveal of the first one was awesome but obvs the final product was not that like that overall. I don't have a problem with these devs if anything they seem really passionate about their work.

Glemt861d ago


Well, I wrote "If they tackle that this time around" because saying they've done so means f*ck-all in this day and age.

Muzikguy862d ago

I remember them saying this sort of thing about Chicago once before. It didn't look like any Chicago that I know of.

Skate-AK862d ago

A game like this doesn't need fast travel. The game should be enjoyable enough to want to drive everywhere.

_-EDMIX-_862d ago

Could you not say that about any open world RPG? At the end of the day nobody saying it "needs" fast travel it's merely saying it's there as an option.

Skate-AK862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

This isn't an RPG. I doubt the wold would even be close to the size of The Witcher 3 or even Skyrim.

_-EDMIX-_862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

Doesn't matter the concept Remains the Same if somebody does not feel like traversing the world and merely wants to go from mission to Mission it is nice to have the option of.

no one saying you need to.

uncharted56862d ago

Thats not the issue, I have heard people complain about not having a fast travel option in a game like GTA. I think it is more of an standard and expectation now to be included in an open world game more then an option by the players, including me cuz it does get boring to drive by the same place 10 hours into a game tbh.