The Watch Dogs 2 Trailer Made Me Realize I'm Too Old For This S***

Watch Dogs 2's gang of Hi Top wearing hackers has aged me.

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SCW19822959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Couldn't agree more. Ubisoft's hip,edgy,rebellious, designs make me roll my eyes and laugh.

CoNn3r_B2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I get a serious Delsin Rowe vibe from the new guy, I did like Delsin in the end so I'm not completely switched off yet.

Side note, I'm 19 and I feel too old for this s**t.

naruga2959d ago

@ article agree ...Watch Dog 1 was already a uninspired game ...WD 2 is even worse ...is the definition of cringe

DeadlyOreo2959d ago

^ no its not, at all. I don't know what you're watching but Watch Dogs 2 looks pretty decent. It's definitely on my radar.

If this is the definition of cringe it makes me wonder what kind of games you play.

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Lennoxb632959d ago


How is it cringe worthy? I don't get it. I don't see anything wrong with the style of the game. Maybe if you guys lighten up a little and stop thinking that every game has to be super serious, you'd appreciate it.

Gazda2959d ago

you guys realize some kids out there are just coming of age for this type of thing. Believe it or not, there are people out there who are infact younger than you. omg i know, crazy

morganfell2959d ago

If you viewed the WD2 reveal and cannot fathom why this is a cringe worthy and failed attempt at a hipster character design then you should probably unplug and leave the basement once in a while.

Why does the character need to look cool in the first place? Instead, they should appear forgettable. In fact that should be a game design. The cooler you attempt to dress (I didn't say the character in the game is cool only someone tried to design him that way) then the more memorable you are to cops and enemies.

Ashlen2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I think this guy is using age as an excuse. What he really doesn't like is that the character doesn't look like him.

I'm older than this guy and I think the game looks fine. The gameplay looks to be improved and the story seems focused on the actual hacking/dedsec stuff instead of some stupid gotta save/revenge the kid stuff that ruined the first game's story.

It's a shame that so many people would be willing to write off the game simply based on the looks of the character.

Eonjay2959d ago

You know... I like the character models. And I'm 10 years older than you.
I don't understand how the merit of the character can be defined by the way he looks...
Okay well, let me provide some background: I work and live in a fairly large city in the US. Every day, I see people dressed up all sorts of ways. So for me, they look normal.

Anyway everyone said like two days ago that Mr. Peirce bored the shit out of them. Now Marcus is too exciting for folks? LOL... oh and I'm not a fan of the trippy dubstep character trailer either but the characters themselves look good.

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uncharted562959d ago

What is wrong with modernizing characters with how youngsters dress in this areas.

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Lord_Sloth2959d ago

I hate it too, but when you were dealing with Dedsec that's the kind of people you had to deal with.

donthate2959d ago

I thought the game was fine. What is wrong with having a protagonist that isn't your old age?

As a note, I'm probably older than 90% of the people here and if you are in your late twenties, you are still a baby in my eyes.

Aenea2958d ago

First time today I'm gonna agree with you donthate! :)

I will turn 47 tomorrow and found the game looking interesting and probably will play it when it comes out!

Lamboomington2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Well, it's definitely intentional and light hearted, so I kind of like it.

jessionpc2959d ago

What's to agree with though?

The people MAKING these games are likely older than all of us.

Too old for this shit? Like yea, if, "this shit", means poor marketing decisions, then fuck yea. Whats the rating going to be on this game btw? 16+?

I'd like to think 16 year old's aren't this stupid. There is Conker over the top and wack and funny, then this. And this sucks. HARD.

Segata2958d ago

So 3 year olds don't write,direct and film Sesame Street?

UnHoly_One2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I obviously don't read into things nearly as much as all of you guys do.

I saw the trailer and I see more Watch Dogs and that Dedsec has a prominent role in the game.

Then I watched the gameplay and I saw all kinds of new ways to hack things, new tools to use and more ways to approach combat, and I thought "awesome".

The term hipster never crossed my mind and I couldn't care less about the dress code of the game characters.

I'm guessing some of you are also the same ones that saw the trailer for Dead Island and somehow fooled yourself into thinking it was something it wasn't and then got pissed when it turned out to be a regular old B-Movie style Zombie game. Me, I loved it because I didn't expect it to be something it wasn't.

Maybe the same reason I loved the original Watch Dogs, too. It was exactly what I thought it was going to be. I didn't have all kinds of false ideas about how it was going to work.

My point is, maybe quit extrapolating so much from so little. Look at the actual real game and how you play it, then decide.

I couldn't tell you one thing about what anyone in that trailer is wearing without watching it again for the 4th time, except for seeing Dedsec guys wearing hoodies and skull masks. I don't remember seeing one guy I'd call a hipster, I'm not even sure how you identify that, honestly.

I guess I just don't get it.

I remember when people used to just talk about games and how they play and what you can or can't do within the game.

Now we're worried about the freaking dress code, for Christ's sake.

Errorist762959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I'm with you and I was born 76. I was a punk once. Highly educated still. I guess I'm a hipster too in their eyes. And too old.

I loved the new trailer, world and character design. Much more than I expected.

UnHoly_One2958d ago

Ha, I was born in 76 as well.

40 is almost here. :D

uncharted562958d ago

Thank You. Guys like Foxtrot and other commentators complain about the hipster, feminist and SJ culture but they don't realize they are equally part of the problem here. They are so out of touch with the modern culture that hipsters are not the only ones that dress like this normal people do too because it is part of the fashion and pop culture that youngsters are growing in. I wear skinny jeans and stylish jackets, but I also wear a plain shirt and jeans too and put on my cowboy hat from time to time. Does that make me a hipster cuz I will put on nerdy glasses or dress stylishly. Like you I never noticed any of these problems until I came to the comment section here with people getting mad about this. Is stuff like this and downgrades the only things gamers on the internet care about?

Errorist762959d ago

Sry, posted this already but I want you to read it too.

Really strange this hate train here.....I'm 39 and game for ages and think they made a great and interesting character design and created a world I wanna play in. All these haters these days, that's when I think I'm too old for this shit. Back in the days we didn't just like to hate like the kids today seem to do. We hated real things like the Cold War, or war and militarisation in general. Hunger, unfairness on a global scale. There is so much to hate for. People today forgot what is important because they are spoiled to the max. Don't take everything for granted. Generations fought for your standard of living these days.

You know, that's what game designers do. They create world's for us to fuck around with and God forbid they try to be creative and don't make a John Doe kinda character. He wears glasses oh my god! He's against the system oh my god!

You people really should be more against the system if the system is offering you those two options you have as upcoming presidents! Nothing more to add.

Christopher2958d ago

***Back in the days we didn't just like to hate like the kids today seem to do. We hated real things like the Cold War, or war and militarisation in general.***

Hi. Also 39. And, yeah, but sorry, people hated in the old days just like they do now. You know, have you never heard about parents being against music, comics, tv shows, video games, etc. That hasn't changed at all from generation to generation.

At least now it's just people saying they don't like something rather than trying to get it stopped because they don't like it.

senorfartcushion2958d ago

No you aren't old. These are what we milenials call: "douchebags"

uncharted562958d ago

Um no dressing up a certain way does not make you a douchebag. Everyone has their style and preferences. That is called stereotyping because you know everyone that dresses in black has to be a goth or an emo. /s
A persons attitude to life and people around them puts them into a certain category not the way they dress.

senorfartcushion2958d ago

No.....douchebag. That is the word: "douchebag."

These people represent the worst.culture.in the world. LA hipsters who would rather have a selfie of them in front of a burning body than make any effort to put the fire out.

Errorist762957d ago

You realise you're acting on a totally superficial level?! How is someone a hipster if he works against the system and the established society. Care to check your definitions?!