The art book for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE appears to be censored - Pure censorship madness

I (Robin Ek, TGG) didn´t know that the Western version of Atlus "Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE" art book had been censored in the West. Well, that seems to be the case, I´m afraid. So this is my take on that matter

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Yi-Long1772d ago

Even censoring and butchering artbooks now. A new and pathetic low.

Littil_Devil1772d ago

I wonder what they will censor next? As there seem to be no limits in their mind when it comes to censorship...

TGG_overlord1772d ago

Only Nintendo´s and Atlus own imagination will set the limits for what´s going to be censored next.

cleft51772d ago

All of the censorship this game is receiving has killed my interest in it as anything other than a rental. Sad too because I was really excited for the game.

Simon_the_sorcerer1772d ago

This is messed up...So I take it that we have to import art books as well now? (you know, to avoid censorship in the West?).

TGG_overlord1772d ago

I´ve already seen jokes about it on Twitter, so my advice would be that you (and others) start to learn Japanese. Then import everything directly from Japan.

CrimsonWing691772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Man I am sick of this garbage. Why's the game rated T? Teens can't handle cleavage and bathing suits? Why even go to that effort to remove artistic freedom? Seriously, Nintendo WTF do you actually think will happen if you leave cleavage in your game? I'll tell you what, absolutely nothing you idiots!

Anybody who is already interested in this game is going to buy it and even if they weren't I doubt they'll base not wanting it off the cleavage. You treat your consumers like babies. Oh no SJWs are so against female objectification and tropes in games that we better cover up this cleavage that magically makes the character different somehow and those SJWs will instantly want to buy the game.

I'm sorry, I never thought I'd say this but I think the industry would be better off without Nintendo as a publisher. I really doubt this level of censorship would be seen on any other platform.

LOL_WUT1772d ago

And to think I wanted a mature title from them smh ;)

CrimsonWing691772d ago

what's interesting is they gave us Bayonetta...but then they censor Fatal Frame, Fire Emblem, and this.

deafdani1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Why are you singling Nintendo out? They aren't the only ones that censor japanese games when they localise them. In fact, plenty of other companies do the same.

Also, do you know for a fact that it was Nintendo who censored this game, and not Atlus themselves?

You said it yourself: if Nintendo, as a company, were so prudish as people make them out to be... how do they explain them funding and publishing Bayonetta 2? Heck, even Hyrule Warriors has a lot of cleavage, and that's a game that handles the Zelda license, and Nintendo was fine with that...

CrimsonWing691771d ago

Yea I'm pretty sure it's Nintendo of America censoring these games. They seem to be the worst offenders consistently. Bravely Second, Fatal Frame, Xenoblades Chronicles X, Fire Emblem, Tokyo Mirage Sessions.

There's no rhyme or reason except to keep a family friendly image that Nintendo seems to aim for. God forbid a T rated or M rated game have a little sex appeal on their console. Gotta attract more people that could care less about the game I guess...

gamer78041772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

I'm done with Nintendo for a while. All they seem to be doing is the enablement of censorship lately.

The only way to make change is to start voting with your wallets

TGG_overlord1772d ago

Correct, as that´s the only language which they seem to understand perfectly.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Don't care about it. I am getting the game digitally. This isn't gonna take away my enjoyment.

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