The 6 Best Gaming Surprises Of 2016 (So Far)

Michael from WGTC writes "After listing the best games of 2016 (so far), We Got This Covered now turns the attention to those gaming releases that took us by surprise."

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gamerpop1797d ago

It's good to see more games like Firewatch and That Dragon Cancer being recognised. Video games need to become more than just shooting to advance a generic plot. Happy I played them both.

alexgibson1797d ago

I actually thought Firewatch was mediocre. I enjoyed it, but I felt as though it could have been a lot better. Superhot was excellent, as was Enter the Gungeon.

basilboxer1797d ago

I'd give a shoutout to Severed on Vita. That game was really awesome.

michaelpb1797d ago

Severed is brilliant! The guys at Drinkbox can do no wrong.

TheHip141797d ago

I honestly think Firewatch was pretty overrated. Didn't find much enjoyment in it.

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