Injustice 2 Gameplay To Be Shown This Saturday, Ed Boon Launches New Character Poll

Injustice 2 gameplay will be shown later this week during the ESL Pro League Finals. Also, Ed Boon launched a new character poll on Twitter, asking players which between three characters they would like to see the most in the game

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TwoForce1359d ago

I want to see Superman and Flash.

robtion1359d ago

The announcement trailer was lame. Looking forward to seeing gameplay, the first Injustice was awesome.

Of the 3 choices offered I would vote swamp thing.

I would rather see more female fighters added though like Black Canary, Power Girl, Poison Ivy, etc.

souldestroyer141358d ago

Yea it was really lame like where were they in a cave or something? It made no sense

AHall881359d ago

I'm still hoping Batwoman makes it, I know some people were complaining there was already too many Bat-characters though.

robtion1358d ago

She was already in the original injustice so one would expect she will be there.

AHall881358d ago

Was she? I thought she was only in the comic?

robtion1358d ago

Sorry, I was thinking of batgirl. Got my bats mixed up.

CyrusLemont1358d ago

I really hope Bryan Cranston is voicing Commissioner Gordon in the campaign considering he did the VO for the trailer.

P_Bomb1358d ago (Edited 1358d ago )

Character poll choices = blue beetle, captain cold, swamp thing.

Hmm, for me it depends on whether or not there's another character with freeze powers. If killer frost or mr freeze are already in it, it'd be redundant to have another so I'd go with swamp thing. If there's no other freeze gimmick character then captain cold all the way. Gotta build up Flash's rogues. Villains need to represent

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