Video Game Backlogs: The Eternal Struggle

Why do some of us buy games on release only to have them thrown on an ever-growing pile of unfinished games?

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Xack1799d ago

I can definitely relate to this struggle.

USMC_POLICE1799d ago

I agree I dry summer would give me time to catch up a bit.

Xack1799d ago

I am still (slowly) trying to play through my last-gen titles as well as current-gen. It's off the charts!

USMC_POLICE1799d ago

Yup I still have that and witcher and fallout DLC, thankfully there's nothing coming out I want until mafia 3.

RuleNumber51799d ago

OMG, yes, it really is an eternal struggle. I motion for 48 hours days and 8 day weeks, with the extra time being used strictly for backlog purposes. Motion approved?