New Sonic game to be revealed to next month

Sonic the Hedgehog might be getting a new game, reveal supposedly coming next month. Check here for more.

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PlatinumGX1792d ago

Hopefully a new Sonic & All Star Racing.

Abash1792d ago

Nope, either SEGA brings Sonic Adventure 3 to the event or they should get off the stage

KentBenMei1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Hell yeah, another for PS4/Vita would be so awesome. Sonic Shuffle 2 would be great, or basically any Sonic spin-off, although I'd be down for a 2D Sonic if they can promise it won't be s*** like Sonic 4 was. I already don't trust 3D Sonic games so don't ruin Sonic's 2D reputation as well, guys...

Also, I think another shot at a Sonic RPG would be a good idea, but don't let Bioware anywhere near it. Let Nintendo do it in the style of Mario & Luigi. Bioware needs to learn how to craft RPGs from Nintendo, because Dark Brotherhood sucked ass. How do you screw up a Sonic RPG? Seriously...

Brandnewfan6101792d ago

It needs to be like a legacy collection similar to the Mega Man collection. With the original genesis games, Sega CD game, and both Sonic Adventures.

Yi-Long1792d ago

FullHD Sonic 1 & 2 would be nice, but apart from that I would prefer a new Sonic & Sega Racing, simply because the last 2 of those were very good, and we lack some nice Kart-racers on PS4.

KentBenMei1791d ago

If they do a collection then it better NOT be like Mega Man Legacy Collection; it would need to include every Sonic game, not just a selection of the core series, that's bullshit.

AKR1792d ago

InB4 "Sonic Adventure 3!!!!!"

Sonic 2006 is more than likely going to be the closest thing we ever get to SA3 (the gameplay style is almost completely the same). That said, I honestly think both Adventure titles are overated. Seriously, raise your hand if you HONESTLY like anything about those games outside of the Sonic/Shadow levels and Chao Gardens?

SA1's multiple arcs were pretty much just padding (why was the Big arc even a thing?), and then SA2 didn't even give you a choice to play as the other characters, it was obligatory. On top of that, neither titles have aged very well.

My point is, the Adventure style was cool for its time, but once you take away the nostalgia shades it really isn't all that great. A new game in the style of Colors/Unleashed would be just fine, IMO.

BattleAxe1792d ago

I think a Sonic game made by Nintendo would be good. Sega has screwed up the last couple of times.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1791d ago

Sonic Lost Worlds should had been that way as far as that partnership went.

SegaGamer1791d ago

No they haven't, SEGA have actually made good Sonic games in recent times.

KentBenMei1791d ago

Sega needs to partner with Nintendo or even Capcom and let tem do Sonic justice. Especially if they do another RPG.

Pookandpie1791d ago

Sega and Sonic Team have the capability to make a good Sonic game- we've seen it with Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations. Lost Worlds wasn't bad (not, like, 06 bad or anything) but it definitely wasn't as good as Generations.

Sega's/Sonic Team's problem is that they keep trying to reinvent the wheel- change for the sake of change. Say what you will about Nintendo's Mario games, but they become and stay progressively good (New Super Mario Bros U, for example, is easily the best in the series. 3D World has better music, design, stages, etc., than 3D Land. Galaxy and Galaxy 2 were slight departures from the 64/Sunshine formula, but were still excellent). Sonic Team, rather than taking what works from the prior game and come up with new ideas for the next, seems to be focused on completely trashing all mechanics from one game to another for the sake of doing something new even if it would be worse than a prior game (Shadow the Hedgehog from Sonic Heroes, Sonic Lost World after Sonic Generations, etc.).

We're not going to even speak about Boom, since Sonic Team had nothing to do with that abomination on the Wii U.

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Miss_Vixen1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

I'm hoping it's a sequel to Sonic Generations or something similar. One of the few Sonic titles I enjoyed.

It had a good blend of both the classic (16bit, Genesis era) and modern games ( Sonic Adventure, Dreamcast era) all rolled into one

KentBenMei1791d ago

Generations is overrated. Colors was the last good Sonic game, frankly, and even then only the DS version.

Pookandpie1791d ago

I've played every single Sonic title to have come out, ever since I was four years old, and I have to agree that Sonic Generations was superb.

I much prefer Sonic games with emphasis on actual platforming, rather than high-speed spectacle displays, and Generations actually delivered on both accounts with branching paths, stage-specific gimmicks, and more. Then they moved on to whatever Lost World was which just wasn't as good.

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