Blizzard Declines to Continue Legacy World of Warcraft Servers, For Now

The development team behind Nostalrius meets the key players behind World of Warcraft and discusses the potential future of opening legacy Warcraft servers.


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exkalibur971797d ago

honestly its a bad idea, vanilla wow had some many problems and the only reason people want it back is for nostalgia

SunnyZ1797d ago

What's so bad about nostalgia?
The private vanilla wow server was very popular.
So it is evident that people still love to play it. Nothing wrong with that.

exkalibur971797d ago

nostaliga is a double edged sword, its fun to remember the past but sometimes you get so fixated on it your forget about the present and future. the server wasnt as popular as the media would lead you to think, that 800,000 number was total players not concurrent players