Skyrim remastered would be the perfect filler before Elder Scrolls VI

FENIX Bazaar writes: Bethesda is primed for a massive E3, and if rumours of a Skyrim Definitive Edition are true, the publisher could win the show before it even begins.

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I3loggs241793d ago

No thank you, stop wasting time and resources and bring us a new Elder Scrolls game, getting so tired of remasters.

souldestroyer141793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Yep there's no point, if anything just make it backwards compatible

bennissimo1793d ago

And throw in Morrowind...

McToasty2071793d ago

As the article states this would be a stop gap game between FO4 and TES 6 rather than instead of a new game, I mean you know the fastest turnout between Bethesda games thus far is 3 years? TES 6 is probably a ways away, that said I'd rather they remaster Oblivion than Skyrim as the former has it's 10th year anniversary this year and it's in way more a need of a graphics update than Skyrim, plus as a PC player I don't see what Skyrim Remaster would offer me that mods haven't already.

pcz1792d ago

that would take too much work.

the object of this remaster is to do as least work as possible with maximum sale. its not about giving gamers what they want or need, its about a quick and easy buck

iDadio1793d ago

If you never played it on PC and either did or did not play it on Console then it may be worth picking up. The loading times and glitches on the PS3 version were horrible.

But I picked up Skyrim with all DLC on Steam a few years ago for £3.74 (God bless steam sale) and it showed me how much more I enjoyed the game when I wasn't waiting 30 seconds on a screen loading.

DarkBlood1792d ago

you mean god bless lord gaben

masso91121793d ago

After playing hundreds of hours and completing virtually every quest there is in the Xbox 360 version... I just don't see myself doing it all over again.

Vegamyster1793d ago

I don't think i will, i already played a heavily modded version of the current game a lot lol.

Steptoe1793d ago

Bring it on. I'm looking forward to it. Didn't play it on the ps3. Glad i didn't now.

Da1rocky1793d ago

Be glad. The ps3 version was riddled with bugs. It was a technical mess at times

Steptoe1793d ago

I know. Thats why i skipped it. Fallout New Vegas crashed all the time on me. Thats mainly why i didn't pick Skyrim up. Especially after hearing about problems on ps3. I really hope they've sorted those problems out as i really want to play it.

Yui_Suzumiya1792d ago

Yeah I remember reading about all that. Once you got to a certain point the framerate would drop to unplayable levels. Had something to do with the save file.

Yui_Suzumiya1793d ago

I'm happy because I'll finally give this a shot. Oblivion and ESO bored me. I'm more of a Fallout fan but I will finally give Skyrim a chance.

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The story is too old to be commented.