Shoulda Been a Vita Game - Persona 5

"Check out our mini series about the PS Vita! We think A LOT of games should have come to the handheld. This episode we talk about Persona 5 for PS3/PS4." -- Enthusiast

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KimikoGaming1797d ago

It's the same kinda thing as Disgaea 5. I played Disgaea 1-4 and Persona 1-4 on my Vita, and wanted 5 from each series to be on vita but they ended up being PS4 instead. Honestly, as long as remote play works well I am not hugely disappointed, but it still would have been nice.

brettnll1797d ago

I agree! I just wish they would do some fan service and bring it to vita haha. At least we got remote play :)

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Protagonist1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Being a longtime Persona fan, I would argue that the Persona franchise found it´s niche beginning with Persona 3 Portable for the PSP. But yeah, once again P5 should be ported for the Vita, as it would benefit from it.

Fist4achin1797d ago

The vita is still getting a lot of kickass titles though.

brettnll1797d ago

True that! Odin Sphere, Axiom Verge, Towerfall, Severed, we're drowning in awesome games!

NukaCola1797d ago

I don't know anyone can disagree. I platinumed Severed and that was 8 hours I could not stop.. Talk about one

brettnll1797d ago

I find it really strange that people down voted that as well lol. God forbid someone who's talking positive about games instead of negatively. >.<

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ONESHOTV21797d ago

yeah it should have been on the vita but who do we have to blame for the low vita sales ? us the consumer or the greedy company that made the vita so they can get a few bucks maybe one day they will remake it like persona 3 that would be 5 years from now the vita would have both foot in it's grave

Hold_It1797d ago

It will be on vita more than likely. The Vita release of Persona 4 Golden is what really helped the series become more popular in the US, and led to the Dancing All Night game, and Persona Q for 3DS. I don't think it will launch at the same time as the PS4 and PS3 versions, but I could see it launching maybe 2018 for Vita, Persona 5 : The Crimson with more added content like P4G.

brettnll1797d ago

Yeah! That's what I was saying in my video (not sure if you watched it). I never heard a chatter about P4 in the US UNTIL it came to Vita. Now there's a pretty big audience for the series in the states.

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