Watch_Dogs 2 Developer Q&A Explains What's New & Improved in San Francisco

Ubisoft shared a Watch_Dogs 2 developer Q&A with the press, featuring a lot more information on the improved systems and mechanics available in this sequel.

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KaiPow1797d ago

I'm glad they're doubling down on the multiplayer features. The 'invasions' were one of my favorite parts of the first game.

Alexious1797d ago

I think cooperative mode might make this a lot more fun, though I hope they will scale difficulty accordingly.

NewMonday1797d ago

no sign Ubisoft stop using copy paste generic missions

starchild1797d ago


I don't see any sign of that based on what they've shown. Then again, I enjoyed the first game. Maybe this just isn't the game for you.

Garethvk1797d ago

Hopefully it will be fun. Looks interesting.

Frisky1797d ago

I was skeptical about the game, but now that reveal trailer and official details are out, the game seems pretty nice. Not the best preorder bonus they're offering tho.

TheLEGENDofTydo1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Knowing what they did to Watch Dogs 1 e3 Trailer I have 0 Trust in them about Trailers.

bixxel1796d ago

But the know that gamers know that they are untrusted. So they'll probably remain careful this time.

ccgr1797d ago

I enjoyed the first one, looking forward to a better sequel!

kaiserfranz1797d ago

I don't know, I was very disappointed with the first game after all the hype. Will have to wait and see reviews before buying this one

DeadlyOreo1797d ago

So you're going by other's opinions huh? Good to know. Just watch some streams on Twitch and decide for yourself, I really don't know why people go by reviews so much.

Forn1797d ago

Depending on the review source, you can get some good information about what to expect when you jump into a game. It's not just about the score.

starchild1797d ago

I don't know why people go off reviews so much, or why they let themselves be affected by hype. That stuff doesn't really faze me.

Nowadays we have so many ways to gather information about a game before we decide to buy it or not. I really don't care if other people do or don't hype a game. I just judge the game for myself.

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The story is too old to be commented.