MS Japan to cut price of Xbox 360 by 30%

TOKYO (Thomson Financial) - The Japanese unit of U.S. software giant Microsoft Corp plans to slash the price of its Xbox 360 home video game console by nearly 30 percent in a move that will undercut the more popular Wii machine from Nintendo Co, the Nikkei reported on Monday, without citing sources.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3704d ago

Microsoft was doing so well in Japan, why cut the price?

cahill3704d ago

wii - 35k
PS3 -9k
x360 - 3k

what were u saying?

MAR-TYR-DOM3704d ago

wow wth is wrong with you people oh wait, i forgot
lol ma bad :)

Daver3704d ago

even if the price is cut... when its not working, its not working

mikeslemonade3704d ago

So it isn't soldout. Why would they drop the price when it's sold out it's basic economics?

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knife3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

They still wont buy it . also anyone can make a 360, why buy one?

all u need is a pile of sh1t and a microwave . then put the pile of sh1t in the microwave and heat it up, and u got yourself a steaming pile of sh1t.

also known as an xbox 360

PoSTedUP3704d ago



funny sh*t dude, bubbles 4 you.

DarK-SilV3704d ago

you can Look at it like this, EU bought a lot of 360 then the price cut came and nothing changed, now Japan rarely buy x360, so In my opinion it will not do that much at all, you might see a spike the first week ,that’s all you will see

TOO PAWNED3704d ago


One of funniest comments i read on this site LOL Classic. Bubbles for you :)

facepalm3704d ago

Why do a price cut on your console that was apparently "sold out" not even a month ago??

CrazedFiend3704d ago

It probably IS out of desperation, but at the same time, how do we know these price cut plans weren't made BEFORE the XBOX had it's little sales spurt?

Bathyj3704d ago

..... is a stinky colonge.

v1c1ous3704d ago

cut prices when you aint selling

Bathyj3704d ago

We'll the only problem people had with PS3 in the early days were not enough games, and price. Sony fixed both those problems.

M$'s problem was never the price. Its RRoD, they dont have the variety of games Sony has, and Japan hates poorly built American crap anyway, but M$'s solution is too lower price buy exclusives cos they cant make their own and buy people off with 3 year RRoD warranties to avoid a full recall.

power of Green 3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

After 3 years of not selling?.

I think lowering the price 2 or 3 times in the first year of a products life is desperation.

Trying to keep a brand ontop when they were kings last generation by dropping the PS3's price 3 or 4 times; with standard price drops and SKU swaps, up and down, back and forth in the first 2 years is desperation.

20gb-60gb-40gb-80gb-40gb-160g b-20gb-40gb--Like a chicken with its head cut off trying to keep from being shamed(king to loser in two generations), no real order which is the point I guess.

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Panthers3704d ago

They figure to strike while the iron is hot. Increase supply and drop the price while Tales is still pushing units.

I doubt it will help much.