Hero stacking in Overwatch: Good or bad?

"Hero stacking" refers to using multiples of a character on a single team. It's emerging as a dominant strategy early in the life of Overwatch's competitive scene. Is that a problem?

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bmf73641796d ago

I did a Winston stack on Route 66 once. Everyone on the text chat was chanting,"For Harambe." Then we lost that whole match.

aerisbueller1796d ago

Yeah, I got my first 43 kill streak using Tracer on a team against 6 Winstons.

LAWSON721796d ago

Winston is great against tracer so that is impressive.

oof461796d ago

I watched a clip on youtube...I think it's levelcapgaming. Him and his friends stacked Soldier 76 and won every match. I guess Blizzard has some balancing to do.

aerisbueller1796d ago

The main one I can't stand is stacking Torbjorns. 2 or 3, plus a Bastion is enough to make it difficult or impossible to win if you're not on mic with your team organizing a counterpick and strategy. It's done way too often the past couple of days on defense, and it kinda ruins the pace of the game, and forces your team to just turn itself into a turret counter force or lose.

That being said, it seems unfair to ban one character from being stacked, and not others. Same for something like reducing turret strength the more Torbs there are, etc. I'm not sure what the best solution is.

BlackDoomAx1795d ago

Having the possibility to take the same character multiple times is stupid.