Permanently Banning Overwatch Cheaters Is The Correct Punishment

Pixelgate writes:

''Bizarrely, there’s a growing number of people willing to defend cheaters in video games. Blizzard’s life time bans for those who cheat are being labelled as ‘harsh’. This is something I struggle to understand, a life time ban is a perfectly good punishment for a number of reasons.''

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Miguelitons1797d ago

Yes, cheaters have to be punished!

Gazda1796d ago

Cheating in a game shouldnt be considered a felony. A misdemeanor sure, but not a felony. With that said, yes, cheaters should be punished, but not off the bat with the harshest penalty possible. Even in the real world, you need to f*** up 3 times before it becomes a felony.

I remember as a kid, a decade ago, playing runescape and buying gold from a farmer. I was caught and banned permanently after playing for 5 years, reaching level 103+ or so, and never having the chance to fess up to what i did wrong. Ever since then, i was always a bit against such harsh punishments.

Taero1796d ago

Well...unless you commit a felony. "Oh I've only killed 2 people, better not kill again or else it'll be a felony"

Gazda1796d ago

exactly. I dont think cheating in a virtual video game constitutes the equivalent of real life murder where youl never see light of day again, in this case, light of this game.

its a video game, people play with them. cheating to someone is a bit of playing around, fun even. Yes its wrong to overpower others with hacks and it should be punishable, but hell no is it not a permanent isolation of the game.

Eidolon1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I think one warning(temporary ban) and then permanent ban should be sufficient, some people may be caught just fooling around(hey look at this, wtf?) for a few minutes in one game. What kind of cheats are we talking about? And when does it become the decision to ban? Some glitches(network or otherwise) are just stumbled upon and people just report you immediately. If it takes full effort and knowledge by the player(switches, packets, long methods, etc.. and over more than one game), and especially if it's a game changer, then yeah, by all means, permanent ban.

Darkwatchman1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I don't get the disagree. The severity and circumstance of the "cheating" needs to be taken into account. Bugs do happen and they can be stumbled upon accidentally and if a person were to do something by mistake and get banned as a cheater, that would be completely disrespectful to the consumer that paid for a product they can't play anymore because of forces outside of their control.

PixelGateUk1797d ago

I don't think anyone has been banned for triggering a bug by mistake by Blizzard. Suspension while investigating for sure, but never perma banned. If someone knew of a glitch/bug and was fully aware of it, benefiting from it (in the case of WoW for example) then that's a perma ban.

Eidolon1797d ago

And I guess they can't have testers anymore, leave the rest to Blizzard.

Eidolon1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Good to know they run a full investigation, it's still rather vague as to the severity of the cheat.. and this piece kind of seems righteous. One game comes to mind, I've been banned in Runescape a few occasions for cheating when I wasn't and supposedly they had "good methods".

Kombatologist1797d ago

Is the severity even relevant? Giving yourself an unfair advantage -- whether it's by in-game exploits, hacks, or whatever -- is cheating. Period. It's easy to blame the developer for not making a bug-free game, but people don't magically stumble upon this stuff. There's communities that are devoted to it, and it spreads like wildfire thanks to sites like YouTube. Blizzard will know if you've abused something.

Kleptic1797d ago

yeah I think many people are a little uninformed on what kind of data a statistics server is capable of collecting and quantifying...the likelihood of 'accidentally' banning someone who 'stumbled' upon an exploit that the admins are reviewing...would be a fraction of a percent...

Considering that is simultaneously the number one defense used by a cheater, also...this permanent ban stuff is just about the best thing I've seen from an online publisher is possibly forever...

JackBNimble1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

No , it just flat out greasy as hell , I can't believe the amount of support you people are giving to the devs to take so much control . To say that it's ok for blizzard or any other company to just permanently ban anyone from a product that was paid for is just wrong.
You people sound like fucking communists , you freely give your rights away when you support devs and publishers who think they can take away what others have paid for.

There is alternatives, GTA5 put trolls in bad sport servers , totally segregation for the trolls. They can't play with anyone who is not in those servers . This is how blizzard should handle this , not take away right to play a game you paid for , because this will set a very bad precedent .

And no I don't agree with cheaters by any means , but giving support to a company that does this is a mistake and is a very American thing to do. Just so fucking greasy ...

ArmrdChaos1797d ago

It's simple....if you stumble across something that doesn't seem right in the game you report it on their forums. If you have proof that you told them about it then you at least have a leg to stand on. It's not very hard to see in the logs if someone is abusing the system.

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PixelGateUk1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

' it's still rather vague as to the severity of the cheat'

Check their official statement on the matter before you start to call me righteous :) they're pretty detailed about how they will investigative

Eidolon1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

oh I'll check it out, maybe clarify a bit. To me it sounded like Blizzard have a heavy hand, no in betweens.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1797d ago

It's worthless if it isn't a MAC ban. They just make more accounts. Also I think a ban on the first offense is only fair if it was a network exploit. A glitch should get at least one warning, THEN a mac ban. The developers shouldn't permanantly punish people for glitches that they have yet to attempt to fix. Someone could have accidentally discovered it for the first time, or exploited it not knowing it was a glitch (they may see any coded instance in the game as a legit way of playing). Some people think the existence of the glitch makes it fair use (I don't agree, but nontheless that's how some see it, and they are necessarily "bad" people). Fix the damn glitches first.

PixelGateUk1797d ago

they can view player actions, determining if it's a mistake or not. There's a whole ton about it on their official boards

Eidolon1797d ago

There's also people claiming they got banned for nothing, can we believe them? IDK

Erik73571797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I mean if you got a ban you would be saying "I didnt do anything!!! wahhhhh!!!!"

Eidolon1797d ago

So you're saying that 100% of those who were perma-banned deserved it and none were falsely banned? get out of town.

Kombatologist1797d ago

I read something not too long ago about how some banned cheaters have purchased the game several times over, even to play the game legitimately, and are still getting banned no matter how they try to get around it. The system is pretty elaborate and not as simple as changing your MAC.

InTheZoneAC1797d ago

another account=more money for Sony or M$ since they have to pay for another subscription. Another account=explaining to all your stupid friends how you had to make a new name because of your stupid actions.

Germany71797d ago

Blizzard is right, cheaters ruin games and deserve to be punished.

MCTJim1797d ago

To those that say its unfair. Guess what? life isnt fair. If you knowingly cheat and glitch to gain an advantage, thats the consequence.

supes_241797d ago

I'll add to that. I play games like they are meant to be played, and when I come across a cheater that I can unload a magazine in or can't seem to hit them, that's unfair to me. It's frustrating to say the least. Having fun, doing well with friends online, getting a streak going then you run into this p.o.s. cheater and ruins the entire experience. Games are meant to be fun, I don't get the satisfaction a cheater gets by cheating. They didn't win, they cheated by gaining an unfair advantage and should be banned, permanently. Especially if you know about it ahead of time. I literally LOL hearing people cry about this, I mean, they're literally holding up a white flag saying "I'm a cheater! How am I supposed to win now if I can't cheat! Wah wah". As for non-cheaters, this article means nothing to us because we will never receive a permanent ban, because, well, we don't cheat. Happy gaming.

Rachel_Alucard1796d ago

People don't cheat to win they cheat to get reactions out of people like you and it gives them a satisfaction knowing they ruined your game for you. Some people do it for entertainment purposes like in this video

supes_241796d ago

I seriously doubt that Rachel, that's the most immature thing I've heard in here. If that's the truth, then it further proves our point that cheaters be banned permanently. Thanks for your support, lol!

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