7 things to expect at Sony’s big E3 press conference Monday

E3 2016 will likely be a victory lap for Sony. As of last month, the video game console maker had sold over 40 million PlayStation 4s. Analysts estimate the consoles outsells its competitor,...

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thatguyhayat1794d ago

It is. A bit of an error in the article.

jcnba281794d ago

Tuesday for UK but Monday for US

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andrewsquall1794d ago

Too much VR crap. More absolute silence from some of the 1st party studios almost 3 years into a console's life. The new 1st party games that will be announced will have a late 2017 release, to then be delayed to Spring 2018 the following year. There is that about right?

Orionsangel1794d ago

Exactly. I have no interest in VR. I just want new games for the consoles I bought.

jcnba281794d ago

Agreed. And what about vita?

Trez12341794d ago

Atleast we're playing new games and that's what matters. Compare Sony to any console this gen and especially this year b4 you say stuff like too much " vr" crap.

I haven't played any Vr game yet, I've played alot of games from playstation this year and more to come. Find new stick to hit playstation with because those excuses are getting pathetic.

3 years in and we had a game from ND, guerilla games, media molecule, evolution ( b4 Sony cut lose ), Japan studio. More delays but at the same time, more games releasing. Compare that to next to no game all year, I know what I'll choose.

gaffyh1794d ago

Sucks about RiME, apparently the whoe trailer was faked gameplay, sucks, because it looked awesome! Otherwise this would be somethjing i would've expected at E3.