1UP: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Review

Review by Nick Suttner:

"Though much has changed in the gaming industry in the three-and-a-half years since the original Mercenaries, developer Pandemic banks smartly on the first game's proven formula in this sequel, relying on one of life's few constants: Blowing things up is fun. A lot more fun than death and taxes. World in Flames doesn't do much to evolve that formula, but this is one of those rare cases where that's alright -- Mercs still does open-world destruction best, and despite a plague of idiotic A.I. drones and some other nagging annoyances (left over from the first game), this sequel is almost everything it needs to be."

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ohhthegore3701d ago

I'd buy this if my PS3 didn't break last night )-:

beavis4play3701d ago

you say your ps3 broke last night? then why did you also say this in a wii thread 2 DAYS AGO?
your previous post:

"My PS3 just broke so now its time to finally start playin my Wii."

i guess your ps3 breaks every night then?

Turbo Teddy3701d ago

From the comments below the review and alot of comments on the official forum - it sounds like the Xbox 360 of the game is having alot of problems with gliching and loading textures. Haven´t read people saying the same with the PS3 version, but it have a mandatory install on 3000 MB, maybe the new dashboard update is a welcome thing for Xbox Sandbox games..
Im getting it on the PS3 btw

Bob Dole3701d ago

It's on PS2 also. $40 PS2 games FTW!