VE3D: Left 4 Dead Updated Hands-on

VE3D: "How do the graphics compare? Between you, me, and the wall, I'll admit that the PC's visuals were light years better than the 360. I think sitting a foot away from a big-ass flat screen panel probably didn't help the situation, but it's becoming clear that the console hardware is quickly becoming last-gen. The frame rates though, I am happy to report, were great – and other than the slightly blocky graphics – didn't suffer from any obvious problems. I doubt Left 4 Dead is a true 720p game, but we'll have to wait and see."

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DarK-SilV3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

NO one is bashing,this is IGN saying this,DEAL with it,its been confirmed many times that Xbox360 is Lagging behind in in terms of power and space,

GiantEnemyCrab3701d ago

This is a blog off of IGN. Not IGN.

My question for you is, why did you just quote the article text that we can all cleary see in the story description? It was to bash.

ALL the consoles when compared to the PC lose even your precious PS3. It's also been pointed out many times that when compared to the other consoles it is keeping up just fine.

Kyur4ThePain3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

It's GiantCryBaby again.
It doesn't matter where it's written, the fact that the 360 is nearing the end of its graphical life remains.

Blademask3700d ago

The ps3 will clearly lose to some dual SLI rig, just as the 360 would. But unless some game comes out in the near future that can stand up to any of the PS3's heavy graphic hitters, the writing is definitely on the wall.

Graphics of course don't equal everything. But in a conversation of graphics, they are the subject.

GiantEnemyCrab3700d ago

Kyur: Whining? How the fvk am I whining kid? I stated what would obviously happen with this thread and I was right.

Blade: MGS4 is a great looking game but Uncharted is nothing to jump around about. Gears looks just as good and Gears 2 will undoubtly trump Uncharted. Which btw both of those games are still beat by PC games.

Silellak3700d ago

I just saw this myself at PAX a couple of hours ago.

It looks just fine on the 360 - the Source engine has aged quite well.

Why was the portion of this article quoted ONLY about the graphics? Because the intent of this article is clearly to help flame the anti-360 circle-jerk this site has become.

VF34EJ253700d ago

So you guys are talking about graphics. But it's not just about how things "look." What the PS3 triumphs over the 360 is animations and polygons.

In Gears of War, Marcus Fenix is only 12,000 polygons. In Uncharted, Drake is up to 25,000 polygons!

You may wonder what does this have to do with anything? It goes back to animations. Look at all the different variations they can animate drake in. And then go back and look at what a blocky robot Fenix is.
Just look at what he can do. The different facial expressions, the way he jumps, the way he rolls, the way he snaps a guy's neck, the way he punches, the way he shoots an AK is different when she shoots a pistol or shotgun, the way he jumps on a ledge, the way he swings on a rope, etc. etc. etc.

There's too many variations for me to list, but let's look at gears of war.

Notice how blockier Fenix is. Very limited in animations. Not much to talk about here.

Again, not talking about gameplay (Gears of War gameplay kicks ass and I love it) or just the "look" of graphics.

But the PS3 definitely is pushing the boundaries of animations more. And some of you people refuse to see it.

And other examples of is Ratchet & Clank Future.

MGS4 Being an obvious one. *WARNING SPOILER*

And Killzone 2.

So go ahead and debate which system has shinier textures. But in my eyes, the animations in PS3 games is what's going to really set the two consoles apart in future games.

mikeslemonade3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Your wrong Uncharted is the best looking game on the consoles currently. And MGS4, COD4, and Bioshock look better than Gears. Go play Gears right now and compare. Your basing your judgement on nostalgia.

LastDance3700d ago

GiantEnemyCrab - Dude...uncharted looks phenomenal! I havent seen anything that comes close to it.

People need to make sure they arent talking about art "Direction" when talking about uncharteds graphics.

lsujester3700d ago

Well, I have to say that PS3-focused titles do look better than the 360-focused ones. But honestly, we haven't seen many 360 exclusives that could be graphically intensive. I think Gears 2 will probably outdo most PS3 games that are out now, but then the PS3 will come out with something that looks better than that. It's gonna be a jigsaw for a bit longer, until one does reach the limits of developer prowess.

And no matter which console you have, people should realize that both consoles do have dated graphics cards in comparison to PCs. I can go out right now with a hundred dollar bill and buy a card that will smoke either one.

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360 man3700d ago

well with cards like the 4870 and 4870 x2 wat do u expect

Vicophine3700d ago

well with the x360's hardware wat do u expect

socomnick3700d ago

With the 360 you expect graphics better than Resistance 2. L4d still looks better than resistance 2 by the way.

doshey3700d ago

wow im amazed the openzone is not in a full war right now as of for ur comment socomnick do u need glass this crap looks like the orange box for the ps3

DarK-SilV3700d ago

socomnick are joking,R2 is way better int terms of Graphics and story,there is no big story whats so ever in left for the dead,

ICUP3700d ago

I think socomnick eyes got RRODed.

vdesai3700d ago

Nope they are just running in 720p xD im sorry had to do that.

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Homicide3700d ago

"I'll admit that the PC's visuals were light years better than the 360. ...but it's becoming clear that the console hardware is quickly becoming last-gen."


DarK-SilV3700d ago

I know,this have been going for a long time ,Xbox360 cant handle games with to many things going on the screen, but xbots wont believe this,
when games like this run on 360,they have to put things down for 3fixme to run the game,
things like graphics,resolution,est

Dyingduck3700d ago

Why DA F*CK would you want to play a valve game on a console???


Serjikal_Strike3700d ago

graphics have you been looking at? Come november you will see that L4D does not compare to resis.2!

vdesai3700d ago

RB6V looks better then this. Thats the truth and the truth is this game was never made to be a graphical powerhouse.

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