A 'Skyrim' Remaster Is Not The 'Elder Scrolls' Game We Are Looking For

Forbes - I don’t want a remaster of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. At least not yet.

The game came out too recently, for one thing. For another, I can’t imagine Bethesda making it look all that much better on PS4 and Xbox One than it looked on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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nX1802d ago

It most certainly isn't. That's why I can't recommend TES:O enough, started playing it again and it's a very good alternative until TES:6 comes out. It's been heavily patched and updated since release and runs absolutely flawless (with mods!) on my PC.

nX1801d ago

Well I prefer it to playing Skyrim for the third time. It's at least the MMO I've enjoyed the most yet.

TC7311801d ago

I don't see why ESO catches so much flack now that the monthly sub fee is gone. It's not on the level of an normal Elder Scrolls release, but it's not bad by any means.

Antifan1802d ago

I don't get the argument that its too soon for a remaster, when we got a TLOU remaster a year after release and no one complained. Not a fan of remasters in general, but Skyrim is an exception, just like tlou was an exception.

nX1802d ago

Well TLOU is not available on PC in a highly customizable version. Don't tell me you would play Vanilla Skyrim... again? If anything, this remaster would need 100% mod support.

1801d ago
iDadio1801d ago

Got legendary edition of Skyrim for £3.74 which is basically what this remaster will be. It needs mod support otherwise its only for people that somehow have not played it or merely suffered the console version.

crazychris41241802d ago

Let's be honest. GTA 5 and TLOU weren't remasters and they just waited a year to release them to drive up sales.

SCW19821802d ago

How were they not remastered?

cluclap1801d ago

They were remasters but they had good reasons to be so. TLOU and GTA 5 were themselves already "next gen-ish" when they came out being they were at the dead end of last gen so remastering them on more powerful systems just made sense. It gave early adopters of 8th gen consoles the definitive experience of something familiar to pick up and play.

kevnb1801d ago

They are both simply ports, rockstar didn't even bother with the marketing term "remaster".

Goldby1801d ago

so do you have first person view on PS3 and 360?

they both had graphical upgrades. and you may want to have a look at the title for TLOU on ps4. has a big word at the bottom in yellow. Remastered

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donwel1801d ago

For the same reason it was too soon for both a GTAV "remaster" and TLOU "remaster", both of those games were released towards the end of the last generation of consoles and both new gen remasters barely look any different from their last gen counterparts.
If they really want to remaster an Elder Scrolls game they should be doing Morrowind, or even Oblivion.

Goldby1801d ago

TLOU wasnt available unless you owned a ps3.

with a ton of people switching from 360 to ps4, they wanted a larger audience to experience the story behind eliie and Joel.

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Herbalistic1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I couldn't enjoy the game on last gen due to terrible performance.I'll buy the remastered edition being as it should run more stable on current gen consoles.

-Foxtrot1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Well come on...were we really expecting Elder Scrolls VI?

Fallout 3 came out in 2008

Skyrim came out in 2011

Fallout 4 came out in 2015

Roughly 3/4 years inbetween each one, another studio did New Vegas but that wasn't the main team so it wouldn't count.

If they do what they did for Fallout 4 and announce the game at E3 only for it to come out in the same year then I'm going to say Elder Scrolls VI will come out in 2018/2019. We might get another Fallout game in 2017 by Obsidian but who knows

I would like Morrowind HD and Oblivion. They could easily help the guy who is building Morrowind up in Skyrims engine and as for Oblivion since it's 10th Anniversary this year they could do something special.

littlezizu1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

ES Oblivion >>>>>>> ES Skyrim. It should have been both games as remaster not buying skyrim alone.

CyberSentinel1802d ago

I would much rather have a remaster of oblivion w/all DLC myself.

Goldby1801d ago

even the horse armor?

mkis0071801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Goes for me too, I really wasn't a fan of skyrim all that much, maybe if it had had a better ugrids to load value by default...IT was cool for a while, but then I realized it wasn't all the much of an improvement over
Oblivion which, for the time, was a much prettier game.

iDadio1801d ago

So much this, Skyrim just didn't have the same charm for me and the world seemed less interesting to explore

Goldby1801d ago

thats one nice benifit of the mod support on PC. my skyrim now consists of a rain forest and actual snowy mountains. new animals like lions and jaguars. new spells, new skill lines. opens up alot more doors, and with a new beginnign mod its nice not having to start with the dragon scene. and dragons are machoman randy savage

TC7311801d ago

Morrowind >>>>>>>&g t;> Skyrim > Oblivion. Morrowind actually had depth.

iDadio1801d ago

It would disgust me to even type the number of hours that Morrowind Stole from me, a proper faithful remake of that with all the stats and same chance to hit rpg elements intact would be the ideal scenario.

shammgod1801d ago

I would also prefer Oblivion (all expansions included) over Skyrim.

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