Nintendo's Biggest NX Problem? Making The Console Not Feel Like A Risk

As we head into E3, we’re going to start hearing a lot about the PS4.5 and the Xbox Scorpio, which will assuredly dominate the conversation before and after their reveals in the press events from Sony and Microsoft.

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indysurfn1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

You have to realize that Once Nintendo announces an actual hard core graphical powerhouse from AMD, that hard core players demand third. AND announce top games that are actually coming to the system from third parties people will take Nintendo seriously. Wii, and Wii u did not have that, if Nintendo pulls through so will players.

Grilla1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

For starters the Nx needs a solid launch lineup of games, which I think they will.
As far as 3rd party games go, I honestly think nintendo doesn't care. They wanna sell their games.

BlackDoomAx1798d ago

The biggest problem is the marketing. They killed Nintendo. Hire me and you will see !

superchiller1798d ago

No, the biggest problem is poorly-designed, low-spec, gimmicky hardware, not just marketing (although their marketing is terrible too). Let's hope that Nintendo puts more effort into the design and development of the NX, because if they use the same approach as the original Wii and Wii U, it will most certainly be their last piece of gaming hardware.

BlackDoomAx1797d ago

Sorry but no :) Some games are beautiful. There are many games that are the best in their genre.The Gamepad is really usefull, too underated. I love the operating system. Really their marketing is shitty :) And the lack of third party support, but it's one of the consequences of the lame marketing.