One Year Later, Did Sony Keep Their E3 2015 Promises?

One of the most talked about things from Sony’s E3 2015 Press Conference was the unveiling of a Final Fantasy VII remake. But it wasn’t the only thing that happened during the 90 minute presentation, honest! Let’s take a look at all the promises from last year, and see if Sony and their development partners delivered.

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Satyre281796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Speaking specifically on E3 not really tbh. The major things were The last guardian (havent gotten that yet, dont know if its still coming 2016), Horizon got delayed to 2017, Final Fantasy havent gotten that (dont know if its coming 2016). The rest were kinda indies and smaller things so not really sure. I still to this day think Xbox had the better show, Sony just used a lot of nostalgia to gain hype. I mean hell they even announced a KICKSTARTER for shenmue a game WE have to pay to make WTF?

showtimefolks1796d ago

TLG is coming in 2016

horizon is Februray 28th 2017, i for one never thought it would come in 2016

FF15 is coming but if you thought FF7 remake is coming 2016 than that's on you

now which was better is an opinion you have yours and i have mine. it was a time not long ago where xbox360 fanbase touted sales show which is better so by that theory ps4 was better in 2015 and so far in 2016.

e3 2015 to e3 2016 that's a year. and in that year sony have done well. until dawn,uncharted 4 and ratchet and clank.

and i don't know if you know this but sony have said shenmue 3 would have happened. they have already signed on to advertise the game and i am sure are clipping in funds wise for development

BTW i am with you that MS had an great conference but the cherry on the top of BC for xbox one.

MZS can have another great conference and all sony has to do is announce crash IP back to sony and they will win e3. e3 is about hype and last year sony created the most hype. there isn't a thing that you can win or lose at e3. it's hype and whoever creates the most hype for their device wins

sony going after MS helps them(imo) they can always add more exclusives to their presentation if needed

Satyre281796d ago

I have both consoles so i truly hope both always have great shows. I just honestly dont understand one thing that you said and it kinda urks me tbh. You said "MZS can have another great conference and all sony has to do is announce crash IP back to sony and they will win e3." This is what is wrong right now with the gaming world, Sony has so much of a fanboy base that they could literally announce nothing and Xbox could give the world for free and Sony will still be the winner in everyones eyes. MS is just hated atm and please dont say they arent, the media bias is everywhere because it gets the hits.

Sm00thNinja1796d ago

Crash Bandicoot is not that big. It's not even Naughty Dogs bread and butter Imogen the Last of Us 2 with gameplay would steal the show. Saying Crash would win E3..... speaking of which Microsoft has Banjo Kazooie to go up against Crash. What was a better game when it was released Crash Bandicoot or Banjo Kazooie I'd like to see a poll on that

Software_Lover1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

nevermind/ disregard this post

1796d ago
showtimefolks1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )


ok let me explain:

sony never promised FF7 or shenmue 3 in 2015 or 2016. they did say release window for TLG is 2016. IGN just did ign first for TLG so i am sure it's gonna release within next 6 or so months

it's not about sony fanboys. it's called PLAYSTATION FANBASE, which was built over decades.

spiderman from sucker punch
dead don't ride
god of war 4(i don't think they will put 4 after it just will call it god of war)
gravity rush 2

sony will talk about VR and very likely new hardware(rumored to be neo)

sony will announce a FF15 ps4 bundle(may include FF7 remake demo)

Kojima will very liekly come to stage(i don't think he announce anything but may show some early game art)

show footage for destiny new expansion and COD

capcom will very likely use sony as to announce new resident evil

R* are gonna use sony's conference to announce whatever big game they are there to announce(RDR very likely)

sthese games i don't see sony showing at e3 2016

the last of us 2
bloodborne 2

sony will not talk about no man sky

see difference is you guys think just because a game is shown that it's releasing soon. sometimes sony will show games which are 2 plus years away

again e3 is to build hype. something sony understands better than MS and ms fanboys

spiderman game from sucker punch alone will get soy so much hype. spiderman IP is bigger in entertainment than anything ms has

saying on sony fanboys make sony's announcements bigger.

there is a reason majority of people look at last years e3 conference from sony as the best ever. you know why? because of shock and OMG moments

Sm00thNinja1796d ago

Haven't really delivered on the big ticket items let's be honest. Most of the announcementsame made were to generate hype.

showtimefolks1796d ago

did they say FF7 or shenmue 3 is releasing soon

did they provide a release window for either?

you all set these dates in your imagination. don't blame sony for it

jznrpg1796d ago

I didnt hear promises just announcements for games

Z5011795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Intelligent people know what's going on. Certain people/sites are trying to change the narrative. They're trying to change E3 into release dates. E3 has always been about generating hype. Couple this with the "Wait for E3" crowd (who, imo probably didn't start gaming til last gen). Don't fall for it people.