I'm Sold On Watch Dogs 2, And Here's Why You Should Be Too

ThisGenGaming writes, "With all of the confirmed leaks and the recent Ubisoft live stream, Watch Dogs 2 has officially been confirmed and given an official release date later on this year. The sequel to the original brilliant hack based game, which came with the same amount of hype, is to be set in San Francisco and its surrounding areas – this gives the game a bit more of a sunny atmospheric change instead of the dark and grim streets of Chicago. We get a lot of opportunities to see incredible landmarks from the Golden Gate Bridge to Pier 39."

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annoyedgamer1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

One can be sold on anything when they get a crate-load of promotional materials an check from the publisher.

sdcard4gb1799d ago

I don't always clap to a Internet comment, but when I do...

seanpitt231799d ago

I wasn't impressed it looks to me that they are using the same engine they did with watchdogs! I thought they was going to use the snowdrop engine for this game o well.

jessionpc1799d ago

Meh, let em do what they want.

Nobody worth two squirts of shit are going to get this game.

That's a promise of a lifetime, belieb it.

SoulMikeY1799d ago

Ehh, watch your mouth boy. Shit actually looks dope as f***. The first game was a solid 7, this looks like they addressed all of my complaints. Stupid camera was the biggest annoyance, and it looks like they zoomed it out.

georeo1799d ago

I'm going get it. The first one was really fun ( not as good as GTA) who cares if I'm in the minority, when it comes to watch dogs

LP-Eleven1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Well said, especially regarding thisgengaming

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WeAreLegion1799d ago

No, we shouldn't be sold on it. Not until we play it and can confirm it's better. They have a lot of trust to gain back after the first game.

DeadlyOreo1799d ago

What was up with the first game? You still talking about the slight graphical downgrade? Oh the betrayal.

Watch Dogs was a solid game, I'm sure Watch Dogs 2 will be decent.

WeAreLegion1799d ago

I'm talking about the fact that it wasn't a very good game, in general.

TheOpenWorlder1799d ago

Lol "slight graphical downgrade" Someone has the intellectual capacity of an Oreo. A stale...dumb...oreo.

georeo1799d ago

It wasn't a bad game! Some hated it because of the down grade. But, I still enjoyed it.

supes_241799d ago

I disagree Legion, I loved Watchdogs. I liked it much more than GTA, Crackdown, and any other open world game I've played. It was different, had to plan, strategize, hack building security, create distractions by hacks, etc...this game was amazing. I saw it as something fresh and entertaining. I can care less about the graphical downgrade, the game still looked and played great on my PS4. Im definitely getting WD2, day one.

thorstein1799d ago

Well, since I actually played and completed the first one and quite enjoyed it, I am looking forward to what the sequel will be.

I know, I know, I'm supposed to hate it based on what some internet dbags said, but, I enjoyed it. Did I think it was the greatest game ever? No. Was it fun and a good start to a new IP, yes.

Unlike most of the haters though, I never, ever sat there and watched trailers to see if the game was "downgradez!!!" instead I played it.

KesMonkey1799d ago

No, you're not supposed to hate it. But, labeling those who disagree with you as dbags and haters does not help you make your case.

thorstein1799d ago

Who said anything about "those who disagree with [me]" being dbags? Where does it say that, anywhere in my comment?

I make a comment saying "I know, I know, I'm supposed to hate it based on what some internet dbags said" and " haters sat there and watched trailers to see if the game was "downgradez!!!"

None of that says, "Those that disagree with me are dbags."

Those dbags tend to be some of the gaming press. I have no problem calling them out for the dbags they are. Who wouldn't?

ninsigma1799d ago

I enjoyed it as well. Wasn't anything spectacular and the missions got a bit repetitive but it WAS fun to play and interesting enough. I'll see how the 2nd turns out and pick it up some time down the line (think it releases not long after ff15 so it doesn't stand a chance of getting my attention at launch xD).

supes_241799d ago

Most open world games do have repetitive missions writing them, most recently MGS which I returned and didn't finish. Watchdogs, I loved it. Some of the missions that were repetitive were actually fun tho so didn't mind doing them again and again.

Aloy-Boyfriend1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I platinumed this game and it was pretty average at best. Defend it all you want and call us dbags, but this game fell short its promises and was extremely overhyped. The hate is warranted. I will still wait and see how this performs and give it a chance, but I'm not getting to excited for it. Ubisoft has been in steady decline this gen

Kombatologist1799d ago

I got platinum on it as well and highly enjoyed it. Besides graphics, how exactly did it fall short of what was promised?

I agree that it was over-hyped, but only graphically. To me, that's not much of a reason to hate anything.

Ashlen1799d ago

I enjoyed it a lot after they patched it a few times. The big thing for me was when they changed the way hacking while driving worked. At release if someone was chasing you you had to look behind you to activate hacks at the right time (very hard to do while driving). But after one of the patches you could do it while the hackable was in front of you. That really improved the game a lot for me. I also liked the fact that the game was open world but allowed you to do most everything in a stealthy way. Or you could Rambo it. But having both options really made the gameplay fun for me.

So I'm actually looking forward to it.

CrimsonWing691799d ago

Haters watching the trailers and getting "sold" on a product only to find out its nowhere near what was promised? So let me get this straight, we shouldn't be upset that we didn't get anything close to what was promised? There's a reason why the term "watchdogged" was coined.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, but don't get what people were upset about confused with blind hatred. There's an absolutely legitimate reason why people were upset with the retail version and sorry we won't roll over and let a company bend us over a barrel.

Ashlen1799d ago

There is more to a game than graphics...

supes_241799d ago

Crimson, while reading the comments on this page, I've come across the same complaint multiple times "we shouldn't be upset that we didn't get anything close to what was promised?" Other posters have continuously asked to explain what was promised and not one of you complainers have yet to provide a response. So I'm calling you out, provide an example other than graphical downgrade, that was promised and they didn't deliver on? I'm in the party that enjoyed the game,

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showtimefolks1799d ago

i learned my lesson never to trust UBI again. i am interested in the game(bought original at launch and finished)but will hold my judgement till i see more

gangsta_red1799d ago

San Francisco, co-op...SOLD!

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