Settle Down, Persona 5's Delay Is A Good Thing

Without question, Persona 5's delay is a disappointment, but ATLUS' decision to give the game the needs is one that should be applauded.

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BrickHardcastle1793d ago

I'm always for giving studios more time to polish up a game rather than rushing it out the door to meet publisher expectations. As long as it doesn't start entering Duke Nukem Forever/ Last Gaurdian territory, it's all good!

dead_pixels1793d ago

I hear you. We definitely see way too many unfinished games roll out these days. I'd much rather wait for something fantastic than be disappointed by a game that was forced out to meet a deadline.

Eonjay1793d ago

its not a delay. Its localization. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE released in 2015 in Japan but wont be released in NA until later this month. It is not a delay: it is localization so to even have this conversation is idiotic because we are discussing something that doesn't exist.

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NotEvenMyFinalForm1793d ago

The game's still coming out this year in Japan, so the delay has nothing to do with polishing it. The delay is probably due to the lack of a publisher that is capable of doing translation and a world wide release with Japan.

dead_pixels1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

ATLUS releases 50+ hour games on a fequency very few other publishers do, and their localizations are some of the best around. That said, I don't understand what leads you to believe ATLUS USA isn't up to the task.

gangsta_red1793d ago

Polish what? The game went from 2015 to 2016 to now much polish is needed for two years?

It would be nice if they actually did let people know why the delay.

Eonjay1793d ago

Its not a delay its localization. I point your attention to their last release Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Decent localizations do take time. It is fair to say that Final Fantasy 15 would already be out in Japan if not for the worldwide localization they did first. Square went the ATLUS route with Star Ocean 5, and Dragon Quest Heros.

gangsta_red1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Fair enough and believable. I actually do remember them saying that because supposedly this game won't have an English subtitle with Japanese voices option.

Still, imo, a very long time to wait for localization.

"Evangelion 3.33"

Lol! I hear ya on that one.

Eonjay1793d ago

"Still, imo, a very long time to wait for localization."

Well not really. I totally get where you are coming from but #FE is almost at 7 months and if you really want to see some long times check out Evangelion 3.33 I mean THAT right there was well over a year. No polish as visuals are done, but the original Japanese team wasn't satisfied with the work done on the original English localization attempt and it had to be scrapped and redone.

dead_pixels1793d ago

@EonJay - Where have you been? It's a delay and ATLUS' PR lead has even addressed it as such. Hell, numerous press releases landed in my inbox last September announcing the planned 2016 release for both Japan and North America.

Shubhendu_Singh1793d ago

I'm actually surprised that people weren't aware of this "delay" when the japan release dates came through.

I mean every Persona releases in US, 5 months after it releases in Japan. Europe would be 10 months.

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tamriilin1793d ago

Especially in this case where they need more time to localize. I'm all for not repeating the problems of the first wave of Japanese games with VO that saw western release

derkasan1793d ago

I think 2017 will be the last delay. I can wait another couple of months.

dead_pixels1793d ago

I think so too. I think the worst part is going to be trying to avoid spoilers. I feel like I'll need to go radio silent so I don't ruin the experience.

Pancit_Canton1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

It's probably the fact that Sega pretty much owns them now. They are notorious for delays, horrible localization and bad management.

Edit: Truth hurts Sega fanboys. Sega used to be a great corporation making great consoles and good games. Now, they just slowy ruining Atlus ever since they acquired it.

MasterCornholio1793d ago

They delayed the Japanese version?

Dang it I wanted to play it this year.

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